Mavado Generates Buzz With ‘Fiesta’

Independent label JA Productions is getting a lot of international buzz around the release of Mavado’s latest single, ‘Fiesta’.

The single is now at #10 on the FIWI Choice top ten chart, and is generating a lot of views and comments on music-sharing platforms worldwide.

“Plans are far advanced to shoot a video for the project, me and Mavado always have a great chemistry in the studio, so I am not surprised at the great feedback on the international markets, especially on radio on South Florida,” Justus Arison, chief executive officer of JA Productions, said.
The single is generating a big buzz on the radio getting multiple spins on IRIE, ZIP, Suncity and HITZ. The single will hit iTunes in August. Since its release on youtube, the song has racked up 91,000 views in only one month.
Other high-profile collaborations on the horizon include a Mya and Jah Cure collaboration which is slated to hit radio like a hurricane next week.
“We’re going to amp up things for the rest of the Summer, as we are also going to release a new rhythm project within the next four weeks,” he said.
JA Productions is no stranger to international success as the label’s previous rhythm project, ‘Life Support’, picked up a high profile sync placement on the popular US reality TV series, ‘Bad Girls Club’ . The placement was for a hip hop remix of ‘Let Dem Een’ by Gyptian, was featured in the 14th episode of the current season which aired on September 29th, 2015.
Arison also scored a placement when the instrumental of another rhythm project, High Life, was featured on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, which is aired on the E! Network and viewed by millions.

Source: Mavado generates buzz with ‘Fiesta’ | Loop News Jamaica

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