Macka Diamond declares war on Spice …Pledges to defend honour after diss song

Macka Diamond has released a diss song aimed at Spice in which she claims that the ‘So Mi Like It’ deejay not showing respect to other female artistes.

“Mi just tired of people who act like dem wah tek music business for a game. Me never grow up in this business and see people a try diss females, and this girl diss other females and gwaan like she don’t want the rest of the females to eat any food,” Macka said.

“She diss Tifa, she diss everybody, and gwaan like she wah cow down and bully people. Mi nah ward wid dancer fi gwaan inna the road guh beat up dem front,” Macka said of the self-proclaimed queen of stage show.

Macka is the second female artiste in recent times to take issue with Spice for the way she deals with other female artistes. Recently Chin Chin, Gully Bop’s one-time fiancee, said that Spice does not support female entertainers.

“I don’t think it is cool for her to act like she is the only female dancehall artiste and the others are not good,” Chin Chin told THE WEEKEND STAR recently.

Meanwhile, the tension between Macka Diamond and Spice is believed to have escalated after Team Spice dancers released a diss song aimed at Macka.

Macka Diamond said the song is weak, but the dancers sound better than Spice. The dancers, in the song, said that Macka is simply badmind and jealous of Spice’s success.

Macka Diamond, however, feels that Spice is behind the diss directed at her.

“She bring donkey come Sting and now she bring dancer. All now she nuh face me lyrically, mi nuh inna no gimmicks thing. Mi wah fi show Jamaica sey Macka Diamond build this business too, and my name stands tall inna this,” Macka said.

“A years now dem try cow mi dung and mi nuh deh pon it nuh more. Mi head mad ya now … Dem not even know the ants nest weh get mad ya now. Dem have to come better and dem lyrics deh a long time. Since yu bad, don’t use gimmicks. When yu go on stage show don’t run, stand up like a don since yu claim sey a you run the place.”

“Macka Diamond name is global and mi create things in music weh people never do before. So before the rest of mi teeth dem drop out mi a mek sure sey mi lef mi name good inna this,” the Dye Dye artiste told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Meantime, Team Spice’s Stacy Xpressionz told THE WEEKEND STAR that the dancers decided to answer Macka Diamond because Spice has become a target in dancehall. She said Spice’s Sumfest performance was taken out of proportion.”We told Spice not to answer because she is the hot topic and some artistes are just looking a hype. We are tired of people targeting Spice because nothing is going on for their careers … It’s overbearing. We are talented outside of dancing so we decided to show them this side and I just want to make it clear that Spice did not write our song,” she said.

Dancehall Queen Danger, who along with TC Stacy Xpressionz did the diss song aimed at Macka, said female artistes are jealous of Spice’s success.

“We are the Team Spice brand and they are dragging down our reputation so we are looking out for each other. Spice don’t have time for them so we just answer. All we a do a work hard. We are on the road every night when they are at their house comfortable then when we get a hit song dem want to badmind and draw us down. They are also trying to play victim, play your part and do your thing. You are not handicap so get up and work hard … Spice nah guh answer she tired a dem,” Dancehall Queen Danger said.

Source: Macka Diamond declares war on Spice …Pledges to defend honour after diss song | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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