Dream Weekend a melting pot for marketing says artiste

crowd_dreamweekendThe Dream Weekend party series may be over, but for some, it was not all about partying, as it was also seen as an opportunity for employment, networking and marketing.

As such, several hopefuls took their work and ideas to Negril, in an effort to reach one step further in fulfilling their dreams.

One such person was UK-based dancehall artiste Demz Stulla, who printed hundreds of branded CDs and with the help of his team distributed them to selectors, media personalities and patrons. According to the artiste, Dream Weekend pulls dancehall and reggae music’s core audience all in one place, therefore, it’s a priceless opportunity to execute marketing.

“I come to Jamaica every year and my parents are Jamaican. The audience is American, Canadian, English and Caribbean people, so everybody is here, it’s a melting pot. It’s a yearly thing that I attend, so I decided that this year it will be promotion. I have given CDs to Chromatic, Boom Boom and basically everybody I see. I have met with Sun City, Zip 103 and even the Dream promoters,” he said.

Demz Stulla also hopes to qualify for Dream Weekend’s line-up of stars in years to come.


“I know I can shake up the crowd quick and fast, because I feel a energy here. Mi just play two tune for a man from Kingston and him sey, ‘yea man, mi a hear something special from this’, and that is the general feedback,” Stulla said.

The artiste also filmed a music video at Xtreme Wet and Wild last year. He is promoting singles Grew Up In England, Pill and As Mi Wake.

This year, Stulla was unfortunate to have been involved in a motor vehicle accident on the Negril strip, but he managed to escape without injuries.

“I rent a car and a man run up in the back, but everything good because I was insured. I am happy to be safe and I still promoting,” he said.

Source: Dream Weekend a melting pot for marketing says artiste | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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