Demarco Disses Alkaline and Mavado, Defends Vybz Kartel

The streets are talking about Demarco’s hard-hitting new single, ‘Wussah Dead to Me’, which takes shots at Mavado and Alkaline for throwing shade at the ‘World Boss’ Vybz Kartel on their track, ‘Dead To Mi’.

Dancehall selectors all over have been dropping the song at weekly street dances all over the island to massive forwards.

First the intro appears to mock Mavado, intoning: ’bout run the place, yu nu see say dem run weh!’

Then Demarco deejays: ….three ah dem a fall, so bawl fi timber, p****! a why yu start it?/wah yu sing fah?!

The chorus: we run the world, whole ah oonu wussa dead to me, whole ah oonu wussa dead to me (everyday), so gwaan carry on like a red pulley.

In the second verse, he pays homage to Vybz Kartel with a World Boss-like flow when he spits menacingly: mi no tek diss dawg, anno CD drive, rifle inna the five when yu see mi drive, when casket a close, anno three Levys, Ray Charles, mi no see these guys!!

The streets have responded well and are backing Demarco on his crusade to defend the World Boss’ name.

On youtube, one user commented: “A long time Demarco a big up #Addi an from “such man” did come out an dis all a de artist dem, some a dem run him”.

Another chimed in: Big up demarco di man sey gaza longtime,u wah knw di bloo—-t waggonist dem ina ja???check alka fans..a jus tru dem nah go talk a who dem use to listen a new artiste come pon di seeeen everybody tun ac,handheld fan and standing fanz… All if no artiste tek #1 spot kartel a still di boss cz a him mek dancehall into wat it is now,coming from basic styles n abc rhymes.

One Facebook user commented: Although mi did a bring masicka. Mi feel say a demarco have that package fi conquer dancehall away.

Efforts to get a comment from Demarco proved futile.

Source: Demarco disses Alkaline and Mavado, defends Vybz Kartel | Loop News Jamaica

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