VIBE105 Needs Your Help

EAST SIGNAL PROMO 01The station that brings Toronto great programming such as our very own Radio Dubplate needs your help!

VIBE105 has an application in to the CRTC for a new antenna to be located in the east-end of the GTA to address the signal interference and lower quality reception for residents in the east quadrant (Scarborough [Malvern, Agincourt, Cedarbrae] East York, etc.)

VIBE105 is taking action to address signal issues across the GTA, but we need your help! If you are experiencing a less than adequate listening experience due to signal interference and/or low quality reception (specifically in the east-end of the GTA [east of Don Mills Road]), this is your chance to let us know. Please fill out the form located at to submit your commentary outlining your signal experience (in the east-end) directly to the CRTC.

Spread the word to your networks and let them know that every signature (electronic or otherwise) counts. We are required to have all signatures in by Monday July 18th/2016. so until then we are asking all listeners to sign the form. If we all do this, we’ll have well over 1000 signatures which will bolster our application and connect the west listening experience across the GTA.

Everybody  visit right NOW!

Let’s increase the reach and impact of Your Main Source – VIBE105!

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