Vershon Promises Impressive Sumfest Debut

Vershon did not see the end of international night coming, but that the baby-faced artiste is not at all bothered by the elimination.

“I’m really a dancehall fan,” the artiste told The STAR.

The principals of Sumfest have announced that there will be no international night this year.

The festival, which has been scaled down from three nights to two, will see Dancehall Night being held on Friday, July 22, and Reggae Night on Saturday, July 23.

Reggae night replaces International Night, which means the end of an era that saw international acts such as Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, TI, Common and Jennifer Hudson performing at Sumfest.

“I can’t tell you much about the international part of [Reggae] Sumfest,” Vershon admitted with a laugh.

The artiste, who began his career in 2014 with the release of Boom – a dance tune inviting girls to ‘fling it up – promises a Reggae Sumfest set that he said stays true to his growing reputation as an uncensored and shameless female admirer.

He also said that he has new songs to unleash at the ‘Greatest Reggae Show on Earth’.

“People like to hear new stuff,” he said, planning to drop two of his latest releases into the mix.

“One is called Barbie Doll,” he told The STAR, “and the other one is called Tie Me.”

The explicit young artiste seems to have chosen his lane, with many of his singles being fuelled by his attraction to women. The single, Tie Me, was released this February and it’s sexually charged music video shows Vershon and his leading lady in nearly nude throws of passion.

Even though the artiste seems adamant maintaining his appeal to the ladies, Vershon plans to showcase his versatility by performing his debut single, the dancing song Boom. He also intends to thrill with Ruff Up Di World and Inna Real Life as well as Used to Hungry.

“Rehearsal starts this Wednesday,” he revealed to The STAR, clearly anticipating his first-ever 15 minutes on the main stage of Reggae Sumfest.

Christopher Birch, Vershon’s manager, told The STAR that they have begun work on the artiste’s debut album. However, date has yet been set for its release.

“We’re just pacing, going through the summer,” Birch told The STAR.

“We’re gonna go by the response this summer, and after that we can talk about the album.”
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