Demarco Scores Success With ‘Holiday Again’

Dancehall artiste Demarco has struck success once again with the release of the summer club banger ‘Holiday Again’, which also features Raytid and Bravo from the Ravers crew.

“Gary G playing it. ZJ Dymond, ZJ Vybz, DJ Sunshine, ZJ Bruce Lee, ZJ Liquid and more have been giving this song a big strength. They say it can be a summer anthem. In the streets, CD Fantasy wid Ruxie and Cardo a play it. Also, Foota Hype a bore hole inna the song,” street guru Kevon Dixon said.

“The song is also being endorsed on some of the hottest mix tapes in the streets.”

The streets are saying that Holiday Again, produced by Demarco himself for his True Gift Entertainment record label, is a bona fide hit. “Just the early feedback shows that this song has the potential to be one of the biggest hits for summer 2016. The song was released on Sunday, so it’s actually out for a few days and already stamping its mark,” Dixon said.

Demarco scored a huge hit with the single Remix on the ‘Ova Dweet’ rhythm. The song is already bubbling on several dancehall charts locally and internationally.

The deejay continues to be in heavy demand on the club and festival circuit, having previously performed at shows in Tortola, Guyana, Nicaragua, Panama, and St Maarten in March and April.


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