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Radio Dubplate Toronto Top 10 Singles 2020 Week 27

Our #1 song for it’s third week is “Uptop Gaza” by Vybz Kartel Feat Teejay. This song is the talk of the city and anywhere dancehall music is played.

Lila Ike is back on the chart with “I Spy”, and seems like this will be the case for a while. Moving closer and closer to the number one spot.

Collie Buddz¬† is still on the chart with “Hold Firm Nuh Haffi Like We “, I’m sure we will be taking about this tune for a few weeks.

The chart this most talked about song on the road right now, Chronic Law, with “Don’t Rush – Remix” Mad Ting.

Meanwhile, Collie Buddz “Hold Firm”, only needs time before it reaches the top of the chart. Govana’s “Hamants Convo Part 2” is on the rise, will it reach the number one spot? Come back and visit the chart.

Alkaline has made a return on the chart with “Nuh Faffi Like We”, and Demarco is still blazing with “Fix Things”.

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