What’s In A Rider?

July 9, 2019 Richard Banton 0

Stories abound regarding the requests made by performers, both local and international, of promoters who contract them for events. These requirements which are stated in their riders range from the basic and run-of-the-mill, to the [Read More]


Game-Changing Ganja At Reggae Sumfest

July 2, 2019 Richard Banton 0

From its inception, reggae music has characteristically been associated with Rastafarians, the tropics, and spliffs sending up plumes of cannabis smoke. Acknowledging this everlasting connection to music, Clyde McKenzie, organiser of the upcoming Reggae Sumfest [Read More]


Sumfest Stimulus

June 4, 2019 Richard Banton 0

Josef Bogdanovich is predicting increased inflows into the economy of Montego Bay and its environs during this year’s staging of Reggae Sumfest set for July 14-20. Bogdanovich is principal of Summerfest Productions Limited, organisers of [Read More]

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