Spice’s Third Album ‘Mirror 25’, This Title Represents The 25 Years In Dancehall

Spice continues educating Americans on Caribbean culture with new musicQueen of Dancehall Spice has revealed that the title of her forthcoming third studio album will be Mirror 25, a nod to her 25 years in Dancehall.

“Besties the name of our new Album is “Mirror 25” Get ready it’s finally done,” the So Mi Like It singer shared on Instagram on Tuesday.

In a recent Instagram Live, Spice elaborated on the album’s creation: “I have been locked away in the studio, writing, meditating, focusing on my music, on the direction where I want to go. The greatest thing about this album, this project, and everything that I’m doing is nobody gets to dictate what Gracie does.”

Spice Reveals "Mirror 25" as the Name of Her Upcoming Album“It’s just me, my thoughts and how I’m feeling.  I feel like I’m at a point in my career where I just wanna live my truth for one.  I have been doing a lot of reflection.  I’m human just like everybody here on this Live…I have similar experiences like all a uno.  I feel like sometimes we create this facade where we act like we’re not human.  Celebrites are human, we go through sh-t.”

According to her, the album’s first single, 2085 Tea, will set the tone for the entire project. “…this song is me kinda cleaning my closet, living my truth, being very open and this is also what the entire project is going to be like,” she said.

Spice has had four albums on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart, including her sophomore studio project, Emancipated (2022), which peaked at No. 7. Released independently, it included songs such as Clap Clap, Tape Measure, and Pop Off.

Her Grammy-nominated debut album, 10 (2021), was released under VP Records. It peaked at No. 6 on the Reggae Albums chart and included songs such as Go Down Deh with Shaggy and Sean Paul, Send It Up, So Mi Like It, and Frenz.

The singer’s Captured Mixtape (2018) peaked at No. 1 on the Reggae Albums chart, while her So Mi Like EP (2014) peaked at No. 14.

In an interview with Rolling Out, Spice described her upcoming album as a celebration of her 25 years in music and life.

“I’m celebrating 25 years in music and life,” she began. “I had a near-death experience last year that gave me the opportunity to grow closer to God. I have a book coming out that’s a navigational yearly planner. I’ve been blessed to overcome so much pain and trauma that I want to help others do the same thing. There’s been so much growth and learning over the last few years and I’m excited to share that with my fans.”

Spice. Image by Mackinley Madhere from Spex Photography

Spice, now 41, had reflected on her start in Dancehall at age 14 when Bounty Killer pulled her up stage. “[Bounty] was so receptive to me. I remember him telling me at 14 years old I would be the next queen of dancehall,” she said during a sitdown with former NBA star and New York Post podcaster Jalen Rose last year. “My bravery came from Killa. He told me I’d be a star at just 14 years old. How could I not be confident?”

Spice Honored With 'Impact Artist Of The Year Award' - DancehallMag“I feel like that was my moment… I started to speak lyrics and we started to go back and forth… And [Bounty Killer] looked at me and he said to me, ‘You are going to be the next queen of dance[hall],’” she added.

Bounty Killer reflected on that moment when he appeared on her talk show, Spice It Up. “I saw the fire in you, I saw the determination and I saw the talent. I saw the drive… All the things I saw, I see it blossom into the Dancehall Queen today,” Bounty had told her.

Source: Spice’s Third Album ‘Mirror 25’ Will Mark Career Milestone – DancehallMag

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