Queen Ifrica’s Father Derrick Morgan Filed Defamation Lawsuit Against Her Over Rape Allegations

Reggae Singer Derrick Morgan Suing Queen Ifrica For Defamation - Urban  IslandzThe legal team of ska great Derrick Morgan has filed a defamation lawsuit against his daughter, Reggae singer Queen Ifrica, alleging reputational damage for rape allegations she made against him last year.

The lawsuit, filed by attorney-at-law Charles Ganga-Singh on June 12, 2024, in the Supreme Court of Jamaica, alleges “financial loss and damages.” The filing, obtained by DancehallMag, shows that Morgan made good on his threat to seek redress through the courts. He had instructed Ganga-Singh to sue Queen Ifrica for several defamatory statements, videos, and interviews made on August 1, 2023.

“The defendant made several defamatory statements, videos and and participated in several interviews hurling defamatory comments about the claimant, published such defamatory statements, videos and interviews and made said defamatory statements available to the public for posting, reposting, republication…which when heard, led the public to deduce that the claimant engaged in incest, rape and other sexual offences,” the document said.

Derrick Morgan Shares What Caused Rift With Daughter Queen Ifrica -  DancehallMag“Consequently, the claimant has suffered serious injury to his character and reputation, incurred financial loss and damages.”

The 84 year-old ska singer is also demanding an apology from his estranged daughter and wants her to withdraw defamatory comments she allegedly made on an online platform.

“I am innocent,” the Tougher than Tough singer told DancehallMag. “I just want to clear my name, and she needs to put out an apology and say ‘I am sorry to say that, nothing no go so’”

Ganga-Singh believes an apology, especially a timely one, may neutralize the harm caused, but an apology does not guarantee that a lawsuit will be avoided.

Derrick Morgan to sue Queen Ifrica | Entertainment | Jamaica Star“Under law, the respondent must be given an opportunity to retract the defamatory statement,” attorney at law Ganga-Singh, who is also known as Advoket in his capacity as a recording artist.

A retraction and apology can lessen the damage caused by defamation. Technically, one can retract a defamatory statement without apologizing.

In August, via social media, Queen Ifrica revealed that as a child, she had an estranged relationship with Morgan due to issues surrounding her mother. However, as an adult, she attempted to reconnect with him.

Queen Ifrica Details How Her Father Sexually Violated Her, "My Father Derrick  Morgan is a Pervert" - Watch Video - YARDHYPEIfrica described a specific incident with lurid details chronicling the alleged rape at Derrick Morgan’s Kingston residence. The singer further disclosed that the traumatic incident motivated her to pen the 2009 hit song Daddy, which addresses incest.

Source: Queen Ifrica’s Father Derrick Morgan Sues Her For Defamation Over Rape Allegations – DancehallMag

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