Chronic Law And Squash 6ixx Boss Beefing, Two Artist Throwing Jabs At Each Other

Stream 6ixx 1Law Mix - Squash | Chronic Law by 1Dj Romaine🇯🇲 | Listen  online for free on SoundCloudA social media spat between Dancehall artists Chronic Law and Squash, which appear to be some veiled jabs at each other, has sparked speculations about a possible beef between the two artists.

The St. Thomas native recently performed at an event in Montego Bay. Chronic Law, a longtime associate of the 6ixx crew from out of Mobay, shared a cryptic message on Instagram in which he seemingly took a jab at a certain artist from Montego Bay. Dancehall fans theorize the unnamed artist is Squash, who is currently living in Florida.

“When Dem See Di Sign Sehh Welcome To Mobay A Nuff A Dem Start Shake Ino Man. How Unu Shakey So #UpInaDemHomeTown,” Lawboss wrote.

It seems Squash got wind of the post or saw what the fans were saying and issued a response on his Instagram Story. “The internet crazy yf. A burger unu love have it your way,” referencing the rumored beef with Chronic Law.

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Stream Squash Ft Chronic Law - Nozzle by 1DjRomaine | Listen online for  free on SoundCloudThe real cause of the alleged beef between the two new-generation dancehall stars remains a mystery. The Mobay artist has been absent from Jamaica for over two years, reportedly due to escalating gang violence in the country’s second city. Rumors of a rift have been swirling since late last year, but neither of the two deejays publicly addressed the speculation.

Chronic Law | SpotifyChronic Law shared a second post in which he included a video clip of himself driving on the highway with the “Welcome To Montego Bay” sign in the backdrop. Some fans scolded him for seemingly instigating a beef with the 6ix deejay. “Ppl like u start war, big sell out bowy six naw meds u cya u would a been dead bout Ina home town, gwn make some friend killa gas u up Mon,” one fan wrote.

Chronic Law and Squash previously collaborated on the single “One Family,” cementing their close friendship as members of the 6ixx crew. Over the past year their relationship obviously deteriorated for unknown reasons.

Source: Chronic Law and Squash 6ixx Boss Beefing, Dancehall Fans React – Urban Islandz

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