Queen Ifrica Says Spice Not Real

Spice Is Not Queen Of Dancehall, Queen Ifrica - Ghetto RadioQueen Ifrica takes aim at Spice in lengthy tirade

Queen Ifrica offload on Spice while revealing the two have been beefing for unknown reasons. The “Keep It To Yourself” singer is very outspoken when it comes to social and political issues she is passionate about. Queen Ifrica occasionally speaks out against other artists in the genre, like Lady Saw, and now she is taking aim at the Queen of Dancehall, Spice. In a rant on her Instagram Live yesterday, the reggae songstress fumed about Spice showing her bad vibes at a recent event and proceeded to call out the “Tape Measure” deejay, labeling her a bad mother.

Nasty Spice dem, weh only wah pretend seh them a good mother wid fi dem pickney dem, while fi we pickney dem practice fi blood****t go shake b**ty inna bombo****t Taboo,” the reggae artist vents.

According to Queen Ifrica, she saw Spice at Shaggy’s recently held Island Music Conference and said hello to Spice, who in turn did not greet her. “Yuh know how much years mi a tell all the one Spice inna background; weh day mi see her up a Shaggy ting and a try hail her and the face she gi me in a her darkness,” Ifrica said. “She couldn’t even come out a har darkness fi come hail mi, and mi still a try reach out to her as a black woman, as a black sista weh see she a dat she use to fi get which part she deh. Yah nuh nuh real Queen fi Dancehall Spice. Move and go weh wid yuh eden mind.”

Queen Ifrica Says Spice Not Real Queen Of Dancehall: "Unnu False" - Urban IslandzQueen Ifrica also accuses Spice of promoting immorality in society and pushing young girls to become victims of powerful men. She also called Spice false and pushed girls to do plastic surgery.

“The whole a unnu come tek we pitney them and empower some little half man and some half woman some little half supm,” she continues. “A unnu empower them to whisper something in a we little daughter them ears and come tell them bout them fi go married woman and fi go against God and fi go take them nice nice body fi go put under dutty machine and have some likkle dutty docta a work a work experiment pon dem. Unnu false unnu turn gainst God.”

#queenifrica went on a lengthy rant about her feud with #spice leaving some dancehall fans with more questions than answers. Swipe for clips, Link in bio for story on urbanislandz.comQueen Ifrica also claimed that she put Spice on and has been in the dancehall game long before her. “Me in a the business long before the whole a dem people,” she said. “Me Queen Ifrica in a the business before the whole a dem call name. A mussi Lady Saw dem and Macka Diamond and Lady G dem in a da time deh did deh deh before Queen Ifrica. A me come buss the seal fi the whole a dem. Me a tutor Spice from me a buck her in a stage show and them nah put her pon no show and me deh deh a hug her up and a tell her say no worry.”

Ifrica also urged Spice to tell the masses the real reasons behind their feud, but some folks are questioning why she didn’t just state what happened during her lengthy rant.

Source: Queen Ifrica Says Spice Not Real Queen Of Dancehall: “Unnu False” – Urban Islandz

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