It Didn’t Take Long For YG Marley And DJ Khaled To Link In Studio And Created A New Song

YG marley coming with another hit single this time with Dj Khaled #ygmarley  #djkhaledDJ Khaled took to social media late Sunday evening to share an exciting glimpse into the creative process behind the scenes in the music industry. The video clip he posted showcased a vibrant studio session with himself, YG Marley, Rohan Marley, and several other associates, all deeply immersed in the rhythm and lyrics of a new track that’s apparently in the works.

YG Marley, the newest rising star in the Reggae genre and the grandson of the legendary Bob Marley, is at the center of this musical collaboration. The clip reveals the group, including YG Marley’s father, Rohan Marley, vibing to what seems to be a freshly recorded song by YG Marley, produced by none other than DJ Khaled. The energy in the room is palpable, with Rohan Marley seen lounging on a couch, sporting a broad smile, evidently proud and delighted by the synergy and talent on display.

Dj Khaled & Yg Marley - Praise Jah In The Moonlight Live Miami 2024 -  YouTubeDJ Khaled’s caption for the video, “Running to a solution where dreams come to fruition 🤲🏽 YOUNG GONG ! @ygmarley 🔥🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙🆙”, encapsulates the spirit of aspiration and success that permeates the session. This interaction isn’t just about music; it’s a testament to the collaborative spirit that drives the industry, bringing together established icons and emerging talents.

Yg Marley and Dj Khaled on stage - YouTubeYG Marley, at 22 years old, is already making waves with his music, securing the 59th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with his song ‘Praise Jah in the Moonlight,’ the track peaked at #43 on the chart. The lyrics “oh we running… running to a solution!” from the video hint at what could potentially be his next hit, following the success of ‘Praise Jah in the Moonlight.’

Watch the happenings below:

This moment of creativity and unity in the studio is more than just a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a song. It represents a torch being passed to the new generation, with YG Marley at the forefront, symbolizing the enduring legacy of Reggae music and its power to bring people together. As the newest face of Reggae, YG Marley‘s journey is one to watch, and with the support and collaboration of industry giants like DJ Khaled and mother Lauryn Hill, his future in music looks incredibly bright.

Source: YG Marley and DJ Khaled in Studio, Ecstatic Over New Song – Watch Video – YARDHYPE

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