Shenseea Has Her View Why Bob Marley Is Bigger Than Michael Jackson

Shenseea's Claim Stirs Debate: Bob Marley vs Michael JacksonI just believe that facts are facts”

Jamaican songstress Shenseea is doubling down on her perspective that Bob Marley is a more prominent celebrity than Michael Jackson. She explained her reasoning while attending the film premiere on Tuesday night in Los Angeles.

Shenseea, born in Jamaica, is seeking to break into the American hip-hop market. However, she irked her American followers and potential fans last year after she made the bold claim that many felt discredited Michael Jackson’s prominence globally.

Shenseea on Why She Thinks Bob Marley's Bigger Than Michael Jackson  (Exclusive)However, while attending the Bob Marley: One Love premiere, Shenseea explained her since-deleted tweet, noting that Bob Marley’s influence as an artist is more significant than Michael Jackson’s globally, and his music and culture are still loved and respected worldwide.

Shenseea and Omarion at Bob Marley: One Love Los Angeles premiere / Paramount

“I just believe that facts are facts,” Shenseea said in an interview with PEOPLE. “From somebody who came from my country, I go everywhere, and I see people wearing dreads. They’re smoking a big spliff. They have the Rasta colors. They’re trying to emulate who Bob used to be and what he represented,” Shenseea.

The “Hit & Run” singer also explained that she is a fan of both Bob and Michael, and her opinion does not diminish Jackson’s contributions. Still, from her perception after traveling and meeting people, Bob’s influence is pervasive.

“I just feel like all over the world, you hear some type of reggae music, and Bob Marley is the number one leading act for that,” she said.

Shenseea also said she was inspired by Bob Marley’s influence and career, which has transcended generations of people who continue to love and play his music. Marley’s albums have been a staple on streaming platforms for years, only momentarily disrupted by newer music before they return.

“He has inspired me … to take my culture globally in a different generation. He has done it and so it has inspired and motivated me to believe that I could do it,” Shenseea said.

Shenseea also said she admired Marley’s authenticity and how he remained true to himself despite being all over the world and experiencing other people’s cultures- something she adopted in her life.

In the meantime, the Bob Marley: One Love biopic is set to come out in theatres on Valentine’s Day.

Source: Shenseea Explains Why Bob Marley Is Bigger Than Michael Jackson – Urban Islandz

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