Teejay Not Happy With Producer For Leaking His Collab With Valiant, Two Artist In A Feud Since Week

Teejay ValiantTeejay says never mind he doesn’t want a song with dancehall artist Valiant

Dancehall artiste Teejay has pulled the plug on a collaboration between him and Valiant after a feud erupted between them on Thursday.

Both Teejay and Valiant have been shading each other, with the “Barbies” artiste laughing and telling Teejay that he doesn’t want to give him free press to help promote his I Am Chippy EP set to release next month.

An argument erupted between the artists, with Teejay claiming to be the more prominent artiste and saying he didn’t need any clout from Valiant. Shortly after, Teejay pulled the plug on an imminent collaboration between the artists.

It’s the first time they would collaborate and an exciting move by both since Valiant is close to DJ Mac, Teejay’s latest nemesis. The song “Homage” (Day Ones) was leaked on YouTube by Damage Musiq.

Damage Musiq seems to have a dog in the race, especially since the producer seemingly shaded Teejay a week ago after his interview on the Let’s Be Honest podcast was released.

In a post, the producer claimed that had it not been for the song “Rags to Riches” produced by Damage Musiq, there would be no Teejay. The song was released in 2020, which helped to give Teejay a boost as his career waned from the time he released his breakout single “Uptop Boss”, released in 2018.

Teejay has since addressed the song on his Instagram Live. “Me and Damage Musiq no have nutten at all,” he said. “Two days ago mi link Damage Musiq about a Riddim and him send me the Riddim. Night before last night me see Damage a diss me pon the net. That a badmind. What’s the reason? I don’t know if a true me no put yo pon the EP mi fada but we a friend yo have me number yo coulda text me. Don’t do that.”

Teejay also confirmed that he recorded a song with Valiant. “Me and Valiant voice a song and me deh a Bay (Montego Bay) a wait pon Valiant, Valiant them tell me them a come shoot the video,” the artist said. “Remember yo diss the dunce them and yo call me phone and beg me when the dunce them fi lick yo inna yo face. A me talk to the dunce them. Me no bother want no song wid yuh mi scraps dat deh song.

In the meantime, several veteran artists, including Bugle and Spragga Benz, don’t seem to want the artists clashing or starting beef in dancehall.

Bugle wrote on Instagram, “A wonder if mi need fi seh supm negative bout Spragga suh we can go and sell some records since we both putting out albums this year caz it look like this is the new way of selling music.”

Spragga also agreed with Bugle as he posted laughing emojis.

Source: Teejay Calls Out Producer For Leaking His Collab With Valiant – Urban Islandz

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