Producer Hugh ‘Redman’ James Speaks On New Album Celebrating 40 Of His Biggest Hits

Redman international : compilation reggae digital des 80's - ACTU REGGAE -  Webzine - La Grosse RadioProducer Hugh ‘Redman’ James is in jubilant spirits ahead of the release of the reggae anthology dubbed ‘Redman International— We Run Things’ on December 1. The album, which will be available on CD, Vinyl, and streaming platforms through VP Records, features 40 of the producer’s most legendary tracks from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

“As a hitmaker, these tunes are tunes that already hit, yuh understand?” Redman told DancehallMag. “That’s why they’re making this compilation, with all our hit tunes. They’re putting all of this together in ‘one house’ then… they’re putting together the best of Redman.”

The collection features “a plethora of big tunes from the late 80s Dancehall scene as well as a Lovers selection and classic covers,” including Flourgon’s We Run Things, Conroy Smith’s Dangerous, Sanchez’s Lady In Red and Old Friend, and Thriller U’s Careless Whisper. See the full tracklist below.

According to an official release, “This Reggae Anthology explores Redman’s versatility as a producer as well, with the vinyl LP showcasing his digital Roots and Rub-A-Dub shots with artists such as Admiral Tibett, Red Dragon, Puddy Roots and Carl Meeks whilst the expanded double CD includes a number of different vocals on the same riddims, additional DJ cuts and more.”

“Lauded Reggae historian John Masouri has supplied the in-depth sleeve notes plus there are several unreleased and rare photographs from Redman’s personal archive incorporated in the design of the album, making this compilation a true collector’s item,” the release added.

Redman International_We Run Things

Redman revealed that personnel from Greensleeves Records chose the tracks that made the final cut, much to his satisfaction. “I hope it can do good [and put some more food on the table,” the producer jokingly said when quizzed about his expectations for the project.

He reflected on the glory days of creating what became a myriad of hit songs, often on small budgets.

“Back then, it was much easier. Those days were the cheap days. Now, you have to have a lot of money to venture into this thing ‘cause everybody cutting your throat for money,” he emphasized. “If an artist doing a tune, dem asking for quarter million and yuh don’t even know if the tune going to sell 10 copy.”

Notably, Redman’s knack for identifying and nurturing talent has been a key factor in his success. He shared stories of working with artists like Sugar Minott and John Holt, noting that while some artists like Sanchez and Louie Culture were not financially compensated, he played a significant role in boosting their careers.

“When I used to record, I usually pay my artist dem fi di songs right away enuh. So, everybody who run come to me would make money…from Sugar Minott, Ken Booth, John Holt, yuh understand? Yuh have some a dem weh get some free ones—like Sanchez— I never give him a dollar; likewise Louie Culture. I just pick up dem career to make dem what they are today,” he shared.

Producer Hugh 'Redman' James Speaks On New Album Celebrating 40 Of His  Biggest Hits - DancehallMagGrateful for the support he has received over the years, Redman also reminisced about the peak of his career in the late 1980s, when he was going neck-and-neck with another legendary producer.

“Kudos to them! I thank them very much for the support over the years, OK? That’s what makes Redman International so powerful. Yuh neva hear ‘bout di year me and Jammy’s tie fi ‘Producer of the Year?’ We find tune from all angle. That was 1988 and we carry it to ‘89… that was a great year. I enjoy it…still eating food.”

Redman International— We Run Things Tracklist

Side A:

  1. Conroy Smith – Dangerous
  2. Sanchez – Old Friend
  3. Admiral Tibet – New Tactics
  4. Red Dragon – Ease Off
  5. Horace Martin – Geow Now
  6. Da Da Was – Old Chain
  7. Dave Bailey – Concrete Jungle
  8. Little Kirk – One Love
  9. Frankie Paul – Slow Down
  10. Gregory Isaacs – Victim
  11. Michael Palmer – Just Be Rambo
  12. Sugar Minott – Them a Wolf
  13. Courtney Melody – My Lady
  14. Thriller U – Careless Whisper
  15. Cultural Roots – Rougher Yet
  16. Carl Meeks & Daddy Lilly – Heard About My Lover
  17. Carl Meeks – Youthman
  18. Clement Irie – Kolo Ko
  19. Pinchers – Blinking Something
  20. Flourgon – We Run Things

Side B:

  1. Carl Meeks – Danger
  2. Gregory Issacs – Chisholm Avenue
  3. Little John – Rub a Dub
  4. Frankie Paul – Certain Kinda Rhythm
  5. Puddy Roots – When I Release
  6. Wayne Palmer – Yu No Remember
  7. Dave Bailey – Runnings
  8. Carl Meeks – Weh Dem Fah
  9. Tippa Lee & Rappa Robert – No Trouble We
  10. Sanchez – Lady in Red
  11. Sugar Minott – Come On Home
  12. John Holt – Why I Care
  13. Cultural Roots – Sweet Reggae Music
  14. Horace Martin – Gimme the Grass
  15. Frankie Paul – Hand Cart Man
  16. Tony Tuff – Careless People
  17. Courtney Melody – Roots Man Corner
  18. Pinchers – Border
  19. Donovan Champion – To The Champion
  20. Thriller U – It’s Over

Source: Producer Hugh ‘Redman’ James Speaks On New Album Celebrating 40 Of His Biggest Hits – DancehallMag

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