Beenie Man’s Believes His Dreadlocks Has Ran Its Course, Time To Trim Them Off

Beenie Man - Latest News and MusicDancehall star Beenie Man dedicated a sentimental birthday post to his girlfriend Camille McIntosh on Thursday, but his followers were more preoccupied with his hair.

The Simma deejay has been rocking his dreadlocks in plaited updos for several years (sometimes covered with turbans or kerchiefs), last revealing his hip-length tresses in an Instagram Story in 2021. While he’s as known for his music as he is for his stylish aesthetic, some fans want a new hairstyle from ‘The Doctor’.

“Happy Birthday to your girlfriend,” one user wrote. “Please cut those locks off. It’s run its course and they need to go. Don’t know what I’m looking at anymore.”

Another person chimed in, “The doctor need to cut his hair off. Hair mek the doctor look old.”

“Bro take that wig off already,” the demands continued.

“He’s needs to fiya his hairstylist !!😢😢,” another follower said.

There were even hat comparisons of his crown, with producer Jazzwad poking fun using the melody of Vybz Kartel and Popcaan’s Clarks. “Ah weh yu get dat new hat deh pardy @kingbeenieman,” he said. “Which colour dat? Mad enuh pardy.”

Some hairstylists offered their services in the comments, while others speculated on why he doesn’t wear his hair down.

Beenie Man's Followers Want His Dreadlocks Gone: "It's Run Its Course" -  DancehallMag“Better @kingbeenieman did mek me care for his locs because he’d never have lost his hair on the top of his head,” wrote one user. “You need to know who your making retwist your locs cause it will thin out in the long run.”

Beenie Man started his loc journey in the late 1990s with his early, free-flowing looks captured during the Many Moods of Moses era.

By 2000, his hair was a core part of his brand, illustrated on the cover of his Grammy-winning Art & Life album which, within itself, was a symbol of his musical and spiritual transition. The Eva Clean deejay rocked the freestyle-dreadlock image for several years before grooming his roots and trying different styles.

Beenie Man’s loc journey started in the 1990s

Hair aside, Beenie Man is a pioneer when it comes to “Rasta” and dreadlocked artists who defy conventional religious adornment. He’s evolved from wearing baseball caps and diamond studs in the 90s to free-flowing dreads and loose apparel in the early 2000s.

His signature look for the last decade has included tailored suits, an exquisite loafers collection, fancy dress jackets and a tracksuit here and there.

Jamaican artists to have trimmed their dreadlocks include Wayne Marshall, Spanner Banner, Craigy T, ZJ Liquid, and Swiss-based reggae artist Cali P.

Source: Beenie Man’s Followers Want His Dreadlocks Gone: “It’s Run Its Course” – DancehallMag

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