Teejay Dropping Dis Track, Signalling War With Byron Messia Over His Crude Comment

Teejay, Byron Messia Beef Yields Diss Tracks And Instagram Shots -  DancehallMagDancehall artist Teejay dropping a diss track for Byron Messia after the ‘Talibans’ deejay made a crude statement

Teejay is dropping to release a diss track for Byron Messia after the St. Kitts and Nevis artiste seemingly raged at him and Reggae Sumfest in a close friend IG story earlier this week.

It seems that a feud is brewing between the artists, but the reason behind the feud is still unclear. Many fans have been comparing their songs “Talibans” (Byron Messia) and “Drift” (Teejay) after Byron’s perceived diss to Jamaican artists and producers last week, and it seems that the artists are about to go head-to-head.

Teejay Byron MessiaByron Messia allegedly posted a controversial insult on his Instagram Story close friends. “2 ppl me want fe go s*ck dem mada this weekend Sum fest & Teejay,” the post read. He added, “hating a$$ bi**ches,” with the middle finger emoji.

Teejay has not publicly addressed the comment, but reliable sources close to the artist told Urban Islandz that Teejay was upset about it and is releasing a diss track aimed at Byron Messia, set to drop on Friday (September 29).

Earlier in the day, Teejay posted an amusing video, Teejay reciting veteran reggae artiste Jacob Miller’s “Tenement Yard.”

The song itself speaks about a person who must deal with “watchy watchy and susu susu” people who don’t give him any privacy and report his every movement and who are just watching and hating on him.

Teejay has a wry smile as he sings the first verse of the song. On his WhatsApp story, Teejay also shared another video of him listening to Rick Ross and Meek Mill’s brand-new track “Shaq and Kobe,” released on Friday (September 29).

“N****s wanna see you lose when you’re makin’ moves (Moves), We bringin’ tools in any rooms, we tryna break the rules (Rules),” Meek Mill raps in the verse from the track said while Teejay took a puff of his spliff.

According to the source, Teejay’s diss track is named “Contraband” and is a direct diss to Byron, and it will name and address the young artiste in like manner. Teejay also wrote on his Whatsapp story, “NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER War! War!”

“They cried for war, For glory death and the flag, Cut down by bullets, Drowned in the mud,” another Whatsapp story read.

“Teejay is declaring war on Byron and Teejay’s response is this track,” the source said while adding that Teejay and his camp are unaware of why Byron has targeted him.

A source for Reggae Sumfest also commented off the record that the popular festival was unaware as to the reason Byron would attack them.

Some fans have speculated that Byron might be sour about the fact that he was not booked by Sumfest. Within the dancehall community, a Sumfest booking is almost an endorsement or stamp of approval of their talent and allows artists to launch out and sell their talent to fans.

Byron Messia Claps Back At Teejay With "Collision" Diss Track - Urban  IslandzArtists like Teejay and Rygin King got their “buss” after performing at Reggae Sumfest. However, despite the popularity of “Talibans,” it seems that Byron was overlooked for bookings.

Since his song became a commercial success, Byron has gotten cocky, and he has since fallen out with the local music fraternity and Jamaican fans after claiming that he had the biggest dancehall song since 2005, completely ignoring hits made by Vybz Kartel, Gyptian, Charly Black, and others.

The artiste later walked back his claim, saying that he was speculating based on the song’s movement on the UK charts.

Source: Exclusive: Teejay Ready For War With Byron Messia Over Crude Comment – Urban Islandz

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