Mr. Vegas Says Vybz Kartel, Lady Saw Are Only Jamaican Artists That Can Sell Out National Stadium

Vybz Kartel HD wallpaper | PxfuelFresh off R&B singer Chris Brown’s crowd-flocking concert at the National Stadium on Sunday, Dancehall artist Mr. Vegas has been thinking about Jamaican acts who could independently fill out the venue. His top picks: Minister Marion Hall, reverting to Lady Saw, and Vybz Kartel if he’s released from prison.

“The only person right now weh can full out the stadium, and maybe not anymore – a few months ago she could – is Lady Saw,” he said during a recent Instagram Live. “But she nuh know if she deh a A or B cause she a bawl and a mek up noise pon stage and a give out Bible. Cya fill out the stadium… But if yuh did come back come sing yuh song dem, everybody come over stadium come see yuh.”

Hall last performed in Jamaica at Reggae Sumfest in July, her first time on that stage since she got baptized in 2015. The closing act for Night Two, she distributed Bibles as part of her set, between sharing her testimony and performing tracks. At the event, she reiterated that she has no desire to return to her secular life or be the ‘Queen of Dancehall.’

Minister Marion Hall at Reggae Sumfest 2023

If not “the return of Lady Saw,” Vegas believes the release of Kartel would drive droves of people to the stadium.

The Worl’ Boss is appealing a 2014 murder conviction before the Privy Council.

“If Kartel come outta prison, him can full out the stadium,” Vegas said. “Nobody else nuh bou’yah… Lady Saw and Vybz Kartel alone left inna the dancehall era weh can full out dah stadium deh… Or if somebody maybe go prison and the people dem a welcome dem home; there’s no other name.”

He directed his latter sentiment to Buju Banton’s Long Walk to Freedom concert at the National Stadium in 2019, where more than 30,000 people witnessed his first performance since being released from prison months prior.

Beres Hammond (left) and Buju Banton at the 2019 ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ concert

Vegas responded to suggestions for other Jamaicans who would have a sold-out audience there.

“Sean Paul is not gonna fill the stadium – not in Jamaica,” he said.

“Shaggy is not gonna fill the stadium in Jamaica. Beenie Man is not gonna fill the stadium in Jamaica… People dem a Jamaica see Beenie Man show so many times… Shabba Ranks not gonna fill the stadium in Jamaica. Dem see Shabba Rankin show so many times… Valiant don’t reach dah level deh yet… Jah Cure cya full the stadium…”

Reacting to his own name being mentioned, the Heads High hitmaker joked that he could only draw a sold-out concert at the stadium if it were to his detriment.

“Anybody waan mek a money, just seh tomorrow is the stoning of Mr. Vegas. Inna national stadium ram…”

Mr. Vegas

Besides, he has no interest in performing in Jamaica, and said his true fans are across the UK, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Japan, and the Latin market. The last Jamaican booking he entertained was Reggae Sumfest 2023, which he’s happy didn’t materialize.

“It went south and mi glad it never work out to how mi hear how Tanya Stephens get deal with, til all Nuffy a seh weh she a do pon it. Mi glad seh it never work out… Nobody cya call me again fi Sumfest…all if dem promise me a million dollar.”

Former Dancehall Queen Lady Saw Holding Benefit Concert For Bahamas Amidst Hurricane Dorian - Urban IslandzA Night Two act, Stephens said she’ll never perform at Sumfest again after claiming her set was abruptly cut, among other alleged administrative mishaps. Host MC Nuffy later responded by deeming Stephens irrelevant to the Sumfest stage.

Now, Vegas can only see himself performing at Rebel Salute, should he perform in Jamaica again.

“I love dem people deh. Mi love Rebel Salute crowd… Rebel Salute crowd love music… Rebel Salute is the only show unno can see me pon weh unno know seh me want to be there. Otherwise from that, no.”

The next international act slated to perform in Jamaica is R&B singer Trey Songz at the Sunscape All-White Brunch on November 5 in Kingston.

Source: Mr. Vegas Says Vybz Kartel, Lady Saw Are Only Jamaican Artists That Can Sell Out National Stadium – DancehallMag

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