Mad Cobra Delivers Emotional Speech About ‘Fake Friends’ Following His Arrest

Mad Cobra News and New Music - Urban IslandzThe Internet has been buzzing about Mad Cobra’s emotional speech during a recent performance in the USA, in which he spoke candidly about the loneliness and betrayal he felt after his arrest on drug trafficking and weapons charges a few weeks ago.

The heartfelt speech surprised patrons, who stood attentively while the Flex deejay, 55, delivered a sobering message about the fickle nature of ‘fake friends’ and fair-weather associates.

As Zaini’s Wherever You Would Call Me played low in the background, Cobra addressed the audience. “This is not a song,” he began. “It is something that has to do with my life and my previous run-in with law enforcement.”

The artist referenced his recent mug shot, which had circulated online, to emphasize his message. “Yuh see friend, careful of people. Trust no one,” he warned. “I can’t get too deep inna the conversation cause you know how it go but I only can say to everybody inside ya so, don’t trust no one.”

Mad Cobra’s arrest occurred in July, when police in South Carolina discovered two kilograms of cocaine and a 9mm Beretta in a black BMW he was driving. He was charged with drug trafficking and possession of a weapon and was released on a $125,000 bond on July 26.

Mad Cobra – Florence County Sheriff’s Office – South Carolina photo.

During his performance, Mad Cobra even became theatrical, pointing to the falling rain as a metaphor for his own struggles. He recounted how he had reached out to his so-called friends, only to be met with silence.

“See the rain ah fall de, the heavens cry because they know me,” he said. “The heavens cry, see the rain a fall de, mi can tell yu this, when problem come, yu nah go see no friend, even people who yu have as yu friend, will no longer be yu friend.”

Cobra also shared a piece of wisdom from his late father about the unpredictability of life.

“My father tell me this years ago….him get inna problem, and him say me to say silent tears ah him comfort, ‘God alone know him pain’. I never know his pain. Before everything happen, mi see everybody, anywhere him de, 30 and 40 friends but when the BS happen, mi no see none ah dem,” he said.

Mad Cobra Still Mad - YouTubeHe criticized those who abandon others in times of need. “When things get dark, all yuh shadow leave yuh,” Cobra said.

Despite his legal troubles, Cobra, who resides in Florida, has continued to honor his professional commitments. He jetted off to the Bahamas for a performance on July 29, where he performed at the “Reggae Summer Rewind” concert in Nassau.

Under South Carolina law, Mad Cobra faces a fine of $200,000 and a prison term of 25-30 years for the cocaine charge. The weapon charge carries a mandatory prison term of 5 years.

His next court appearance is scheduled for October 3.

Source: Mad Cobra Delivers Emotional Speech About ‘Fake Friends’ Following His Arrest – DancehallMag

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