DJ Mac Fires Back At Teejay With Voice Notes For His Claim For The Song Drift



Dj Mac Breaks His Silence: Sets the Record Straight on 'Drift' Ownership Claims - Prism Marketing ConsultantsProducer DJ Mac responds to Teejay with his own receipts leaking voice notes from the deejay as their feud over “Drift” ownership continues

DJ Mac is sharing his side of the “Drift” saga with Teejay as he asserts that even though he did nothing to create the dong, he deserves some kind of reward for helping to make the song popular.

In an interview on the Let’s Be Honest podcast, Mac shared that he never claimed to produce the song but said that Teejay “gave” him the song for him to “run wid it.”

“I’m not the producer of the song. I did not voice the song, I did not make the riddim, somebody saw the opportunity where I could make the song reach further. So I’m not gonna come and tell no lie that that mi mek no riddim or mi voice no song or any of that cause that’s not the case,” he said.

He added, “It’s a case where him call me, gave me the song and say, ‘bro, mi want yuh fi run wid this song, mi a give you this song, do whatever you want fi do.”

The argument between Mac and Teejay seems to stem from Teejay’s recent Warner Music record deal. The “Uptop Boss” artist revealed earlier this week that Mac is given credit as a producer on the song, but another producer named Panda is actually the one who built the riddim, while Teejay said he recorded himself in a studio in Miami.

Teejay at Warner Music

Teejay claimed that DJ Mac has since approached officials at Warner, laying claims to “Drift” and presumably to the proceeds of the song, which has gone viral with 5.5 million views since its release.

The song is fighting with “Talibans” for the song of the summer placement.

DJ Mac, however, shared a voice note from Teejay in which the artist is heard making an arrangement with the DJ.

“Just tek up everything, just deal with the artwork all a dem ting deh, mi ago fix up the song and send gi yuh the file and yuh just deal with everything,” Teejay said.

Teejay added, “Just do what yah do bro…Mac mi want tun up the thing now too dawg, mi want drop songs every two weeks, cause mi notice say Sumfest and Dream the whole a dem go round me. Mi want tun up the ting, f**k album too…all of dem songs mi have on the album mi want release them.”

It’s unclear why Mac was given producer credits when he should have received a marketing fee for pushing the song. According to the DJ, he paid to mix the song, he and Teejay jointly paid for the music video, and he spent time promoting the track.

“Me pay fi mix the song, me and him pay fi shoot the video, me pay influencers on Tik Tok, mi pay for promotion, me a send out to everybody, for the whole a the disc jockey dem get the song, mi a go a road night time fi make sure people play the song, me a go night time and me all a dash money for people to play the song,” he said.

Although irrelevant to the dispute over “Drift,” Mac also exposed a voice note from Teejay in which he said he didn’t want artists Kaka Highflames and Chronic Law on the riddim.

Teejay had previously bashed Mac for trying to water down his hit song by releasing the Drift riddim and having other artists on it. However, in the voice note, Teejay remained firm that he did not want other artists on his riddim.

Teejay has not responded to the latest comments from DJ Mac, but fans weighed in on the drama.

“See the importance of a proper contract from the beginning. Unno still a run patty shop,” one fan wrote.

“I don’t blame teejay at all! Cyaa want to water dung di man hard earned hit song like that. Man work hard for his hit and brought you on to promote his song! How yu end up a put other man pon the man Riddim. If the man seh the juggling call off, then that’s what it is! Wha suh hard inna that?? Stop try piggy off the man hot song for your financial gains @djmac,” another fan said.

“See how life funny…him [Teejay] a fight a next man being on the riddim but he’s always the one talking about badmin in music…look how him gwan when him say poppy fight him off the burna concert..he should be the last man a try stop a next,” one wrote.

“The point is Teejay use Mac to get the song big, essentially signing it over to Mac to run with knowing Panda wouldn’t get credit and he was fine with that but the song get big and after him done use the man for buss with this song him a change him attitude, AFTER THE FACT. Mac did nun wrong,” one fan said in support of DJ Mac.

Source: DJ Mac Fires Back At Teejay With Voice Notes Receipts – Urban Islandz

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