Spice Supports Vybz Kartel Following Graves Disease & Heart Condition Diagnosis

Vybz Kartel Settles Spice 'Ramping Shop' Debate, Dancehall Fans & Cardi B  React - The TropixsVybz Kartel is getting support from the dancehall community following revelations he is battling Graves disease and two heart conditions

Queen of the Dancehall, Spice, is sending prayers and well wishes to former collaborator Vybz Kartel who is presently incarcerated under alleged inhumane conditions.

According to a report by Fox News on Wednesday, Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, was diagnosed with Grave’s disease, and he is also living with two heart conditions, the report which featured his attorney Isat Buchanan said.

Spice Answers Burning Question About Vybz Kartel Relationship Status –  www.IrieDale.comThe attorney and son of Vybz Kartel say the artist has been kept in an inhumane lockdown for 23 hours per day in a cell that lacks proper ventilation. As a result, his health is deteriorating, his lawyer said.

On Wednesday, Spice called out authorities for the condition the artiste is being held. She also changed her display photo to a pic of Kartel.

“Prayers up for @vybzkartel STAY STRONG I LOVE YOU KING #FreeWorldBoss. How can you lock a man down for 23 hours every day in a poorly ventilated area knowing his health issues, just because you find a cell phone on his block? So wah happen a him alone have to pay the consequences for the entire block ? JAH JAH,” Spice said.

There are reports that the artiste’s solitary confinement is a result of contraband in the form of cellular phones being found on the same block in which Kartel’s cell is housed. Prison officials have claimed in separate news articles that two cell phones were found days apart in Kartel’s cell.


However, the artiste’s family denied the claims that the phone belonged to Kartel.

In a new interview with Fox 5 New York TV station, Isat Buchanan stressed that Vybz Kartel’s health condition is life-threatening and wants prison authorities to treat it with the utmost urgency.

“Mr. Palmer’s condition is life-threatening,” the defense attorney said. “His face is actually swole (swollen) and as I said, one a di things is, he always wears glasses because the condition that he has causes his eyes to protrude.”

Vybz Kartel And Spice Drops Off A Raunchy Track “Back Way” – Radio DubplateVybz Kartel’s private medical doctor, endocrinologist Dr. Karen Phillips, submitted a sworn medical affidavit to the TV station in New York outlining the nature of his illness. The medical report reveals the dancehall artist has been battling Graves disease for the past seven years that she has been treating.

The dancehall legend also has two serious heart conditions that he will require life-saving surgeries, or else it could be fatal.

Vybz Kartel’s son, Likkle Vybz, also spoke with Lisa Evers about the issue, saying that his family is trying to stay positive during the ordeal. “It weighs on my heart very heavy, and I think about it a lot but, honestly, we just have to stay strong and just know that he is doing the best he can as he has a strong mindset,” the younger Palmer said.

It seems that Spice’s fans were not feeling her post.

“Rules are rules yall Jamaicans needs to stop acting like y’all above the law it’s no such thing as mercy in jail stop it spice,” one fan wrote. “Dem really wan kill Kartel to rass Jamaica justice system a f**kry eno,” another added.

Spice's "10", Vybz Kartel's "Born Fi Dis" First Week Album Sales Are In -  DancehallMagSome fans offered prayers of support for the incarcerated artist.

“Father I come before you asking for strength for Mr.Adidja Palmer what is sickness father I ask of you to protect him for he’s just a human that had a bad pass I ask for forgiveness for him n may blassing pour over his life, for he s know to have a great influence on youths all over the world some may say he’s a bad person some may say he’s a great teacher but father in the end you have the last saying and as ah fan of vybz kartel I ask for his wishes be granted, ah fresh start on the streets n happy life with his family and fans Amen,” one fan wrote.

Vybz Kartel is currently awaiting his appeal hearing at the UK’s Privy Council, the island’s highest court.

Source: Spice Supports Vybz Kartel Following Graves Disease & Heart Condition Diagnosis – Urban Islandz

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