Bob Marley’s Son Rohan Marley Sued By Ex-Female Employee Claiming Affair & Wrongful Termination, Suing For 6.5 Million

Bob Marleys familie lancerer virksomhed med 'magiske svampe' | BT Musik - woman is suing Rohan Marley, who is one of Bob Marley’s sons, claiming they had an affair where he told her not to see other men and would verbally abused her before wrongfully terminating her from company she helped build

Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley is being sued by an ex-employee who claims she had an affair with him while working for his marijuana company, and she was subjected to a hostile work environment and occupational detriment leading to wrongful termination.

According to Radar Online, the woman, Chloe Villano, filed a lawsuit this week against her former boss, Rohan, and Shashamane Group, for Quid Pro Quo Harassment, hostile work environment, and wrongful termination.

Exclusive: Rohan Marley Denies Harassment & Wrongful Termination Claims  From Ex-Employee: 'She's A Horrible Person' - theJasmineBRANDThe woman, who describes herself as an industry specialist with experience in the marijuana industry, detailed how she met Marley in 2019 and was hired by him to assist in the forming of his company, Lion Order, in 2021 as the company needed direction and was not experiencing any growth and there was no competent person to take it forward.

There are also details about her working relationship, which hints at her having a sexual relationship with her boss and him demanding that she not see other men while working for him, which led to her occupational detriment.

“Defendant Rohan Marley is the son of legendary musician and icon Bob Marley who has attempted, with varying degrees of failure, to establish his own legacy as an entrepreneur and lifestyle brand mogul,” the filing claims.

Bob Marley's Son Rohan Marley Sued By Ex-Female Employee Claiming Affair &  Wrongful Termination - Urban IslandzShe also described herself as helping to bring Marley’s business to fruition in support of his vision for “Lion Order,” specifically as he was not au fait with the complex logistical, regulatory, and legal hurdles associated with launching and operating a successful cannabis industry venture.

Villano claims her employment with Marley was fraught with regrets as unbeknownst to her, she was heading into “a path of exploitation, heartbreak and abuse.”

She was eventually fired by Rohan Marley in 2022 following months of harassment based on her gender, she said, noting that it was “denigrating” and constantly, [Marley] spoke disrespectfully to her in meetings in front of others who adopted the same posture towards her.

Bob Marley's Son Rohan Sued For $6.5 Million by Ex-employee Over Alleged  Verbal Abuse, Hostile Work EnvironmentThe woman said when she spoke to him about it, Marley said, “I can speak to you this way because I am fucking you.”

The woman said Marley claimed he would deal with the disrespect from other employees if she agreed she wouldn’t sleep with other men because if he found out the contrary, it would “f— things up” for her at Lion Order.

She claims that she was unlawfully terminated in 2022 after refusing to comply with Marley’s commands the next day.

The woman wants $6.25 million for damages from Marley, who she accuses of cutting her out of profits from the company she helped to set up.

Source: Bob Marley’s Son Rohan Marley Sued By Ex-Female Employee Claiming Affair & Wrongful Termination – Urban Islandz

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