Queen Ifrica Says That “Marion Hall Is Using God To Make Money”

Queen Ifrica Advises Minister Marion Hall to 'Cut Out the F**kery' in  Latest Social Media Rant - Prism Marketing ConsultantsReggae artiste and now social media personality Queen Ifrica hits back at dancehall artiste Lady Saw also known as Minister Marion Hall. After Marion Hall said, she saw Queen Ifrica in Europe with what appeared to be a member of the “alphabet community.”

Minister Marion Hall detailed that she spotted Queen Ifrica in the company of a known lesbian, with both ladies having the same hairstyle and staying in the same apartment. Marion Hall also claims that at the time Queen Ifrica was spotted by her, she was trying to explain herself without being asked any questions.

Queen Ifrica Denies Minister Marion Hall Claims She Is A Lesbian - Urban  IslandzIn response to those allegations, Queen Ifrica clapped back by stating, “Yeah Lady Saw, doh use me name fi look no friend from the gay community, move a look a friend go look friend from the gay community pon you own, don’t use me name fire bun you, you a dance with the devil and a come a guann like you love god, you nuh love god, fire bun you again.”

As Queen Ifrica continued to issue her stern warning towards Minister Marion Hall via her Instagram Live; to not use her name to make friends with the gay community, Queen Ifrica also said Marion Hall’s recent utterances confirmed to her that she was not a good person but only manipulating religion for money.

To close off the video, Queen Ifrica said, “You outta order you very outta order and you confirm inna me head seh you nuh good, if a did doubt me have seh you nuh good you confirm to me seh you nuh good miss, cause weh you need fi go do is just go accept the truth me tell you, go know god fi true, you nuh know god fi true, a use you waa use god fi mek money.”


Source: Queen Ifrica Says Marion Hall is Dancing With The Devil and Using God To Make Money – Watch Video – YARDHYPE

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