Junior Reid Says One Blood Family Fest Started Because Reggae Sumfest Is Depriving Fans Of Veteran Acts

Junior Reid & The One Blood Band Just Added Moe's Alley To Their “Freedom  Is A Must Tour” | MARIA JACKSON 27 MAGAZINEVeteran Reggae singer Junior Reid claims the organizers of Reggae Sumfest are depriving fans of quality, conscious music by excluding them from the lineups each year.

For this reason, he’s decided to launch his own festival.

Speaking at the One Blood Family Fest launch at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston on Tuesday (May 16), Reid turned his nose up at the fact that he has not graced the Sumfest stage at the Catherine Hall, Montego Bay location since its inception three decades ago.

The Reggae Review: Story of a Song: Junior Reid's 'One Blood'“If yuh deprive Junior Reid fans dem from seeing him, yuh know what goin’ happ’n? Di music goin’ fall,” he said.

Reid continued: “Because di youths dem nah go have no man fi teach an’ look up to. Mi think it was me alone it happening to, but from mi si other artist roun’ here to—great artist— weh dem put fi siddung an’ present to di people weh dem waan present. Suh mi seh mi haffi come wid di One Blood Festival fi bring back da unity deh in the music.”

The One Blood Family Fest, named after Reid’s 1988 hit One Blood, will be held on June 3 at Plantation Cove in St. Ann.

It will feature Sister Carol, Sizzla Kalonji, Jahmiel, Stephen Marley, Julian Marley, Louie Culture, Big Youth, and more.

Reid also noted that his event aims to bring back the culture of peace at large shows on the island.

“One time, when wi ah pro pon show, wi nuh have nuh fighting and war an’ dem ting deh. Suh dats why mi seh one love family. All di artist dem weh come together, we are family. Wi jus’ bring di family together (so) that di youths dem can si seh wi ah family,” he said.

In March, Downsound Entertainment boss Joe Bogdanovich told the Star tabloid that this year’s lineup of Sumfest was oversubscribed and that multiple artists were still awaiting a green light to be added.

“The line-up is full,” Bogdanovich said. “Right now, we are just about finalising with whom we have down to perform and taking our time to announce the performances we have in store.”

Joe Bogdanovich

Bogdanovich also told the Star that the team specifically chose Grammy winner Kabaka Pyramid and other current Dancehall artists because they align with the entertainment package that Downsound wants to present.

“The line-up has always had a good collection of reggae artistes. We’re talking amazing reggae music, very current dancehall music and we have some tributes that I consider to be very interesting at the international market level,” he said.

Junior Reid News - DancehallMag“The reason we secured and announced Kabaka early is because we recognise his potential. He has a great album proven to everyone by taking the Reggae Grammy award as a young artiste, which is just fantastic. And we’re adding other multiple Grammy award winners. Others like Valiant are forging a path.”

Meanwhile, Reid said he’s open to accepting willing sponsors to pull off the One Blood Family Fest.

Junior Reid ft Dre-Dont Play Me Dirty(2008,prod by Cool&Dre) - YouTube“Whether wi have nuh sponsor or nutten, wi know seh Jah aguh give wi di ansa, an’ wi haffi know how fi do wi ting. Wi welcome any sponsor or anything cause wi know seh God mus’ prepare fi wi get sponsor. Di people is our sponsor.”

Junior Reid, whose real name is Delroy Reid, is known for his songs One Blood, Higgler Move, and Banana Boat Man, and a slew of hit collabs, including Respect with Alborosie, Hot Long Time with Jah Cure, This Is Why I’m Hot (Remix) with Mims, and Its Okay (One Blood) with The Game.

Source: Junior Reid Says Reggae Sumfest Depriving Fans Of Veteran Acts, So He’s Launching His Own Festival – DancehallMag

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