Spice Tells her Story, Saying That “I Died In The ER”, When She Was In The Hospital In The Dominican Republic 

No More Jumping Off Speaker Boxes': Dancehall Artist Spice Updates Fans on  Her 'Medical Scare'Spice says she died in the ER while experiencing a medical emergency in the Dominican Republic

Queen of Dancehall Spice on Friday told fans that she died in ER last year while she was being treated for sepsis in the Dominican Republic, and she is celebrating new life but not a new pregnancy despite playing a prank on fans.

Spice had reportedly traveled to the Dominican Republic, but she denied that she had gone for a round two BBL last October. Reports out of that country were that she suffered post-surgery complications and was in a coma.

On Friday, the “Black Hypocrisy” singer confirmed that she went to the DR to get her breast implants changed, and she was also consulting on her stomach but denied it was for a BBL. Before sharing details, the artist, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, said, “I died in the ER,” before telling fans she didn’t go to do cosmetic surgery and that not all “not all surgery is cosmetic.”

Spice Break Down In Tears As She Denies Using Obeah To Stifle Any Female  Dancehall Artiste's Career - The Tropixs“They did a mild procedure because there is fibrosis so it’s a very mild procedure. I was there, I was told to stay back for a couple days. So I was on vacation, and I was doing fine. My ticket was booked to go back to Jamaica. I was doing well as far as I thought,” the deejay said as she showed photos of her stomach which appeared to have a big lump to the side.

She also shared that when she went for a consultation for her BBL when the doctor observed a bulge by her belly button, which turned out to be a hernia.


“He asked if I had a hernia and I was like no, not that I am aware of or whatever. Obviously, they did the procedure and he never see nothing wrong and the reason why he never see anything wrong…was because the hernia was at my side. And so when they do the procedure to the front to do your breast they had no reason to do scans to the side and so he didn’t see that I had a hernia,” she said.

Spice said after the surgery, she developed medical complications, which started with vomiting and having pains in her stomach area. The doctor latter for an ambulance to take her to another hospital to get an MRI scan.

“I can vividly remember when they came back with the results and I saw different doctors and surgeons coming into the room and I can vividly remember the look on their faces like something was wrong. I took up my phone and called my sister and I cried,” Spice said as she became emotional after explaining that even though the doctors spoke Spanish, their demeanor and facial expressions conveyed much more.

Spice reportedly hospitalized in critical conditionThe singer also said she lost 35 pounds over the time she was hospitalized as she dropped from 200 to 165 because she was receiving intravenous feeding to her back.

The Jamaican singer also revealed that she had four surgeries over three months as doctors tried to help her. She shared several videos of herself becoming emotional as she explained that she could only trust God.

In the meantime, Spice also revealed that she is not pregnant despite sharing a photo this week of herself with a baby bump and a baby carriage.

“I was never pregnant, I said God has been very good to me and that the photo is me celebrating my second chance at life…[God] literally gave me a new life and that’s all I’m celebrating. It was just about celebrating my new life, giving God glory, giving God thanks for this new life, for this new journey, it’s like a rebirth, I’m a brand new person, I feel rejuvenated,” Spice said to fans while also apologizing if the stunt offended anyone.


The singer also debuted a new song, “God A Bless,” which had an intro where doctors are seen operating on her when one doctor declares she’s gone.

The song sounds like a sample of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive,” where Spice declares she is blessed and haters can’t hold her down.

Source: Spice Details Dramatic Medical Emergency In DR: “I died in the ER” – Urban Islandz

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