Minister Marion Hall Asking Her Followers To Pray For Spice, Despite Rumours Regarding Spice’s Health

Marion Hall Responds To Spice's Infertility Jab: "I Will Not Turn The Other  Jaw For No Box Up" - DancehallMagThough she has been at loggerheads with Spice in recent times, Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw, has implored her followers to pray for the dancehall artiste.

In a Facebook Live, Hall, the former Queen of Dancehall, stated that a fan had left a comment to pray for her successor.

Though she was initially hesitant about the request, the deejay-turned-Christian minister said she was led to pray for Spice after hearing rumours that her rival was ill.

She added that despite their differences, accusations and past mistakes, Spice is a “sister, mother and daughter.”

“God of Glory, I place Grace Hamilton at your feet. We had a lot of stuff – some accusations of me doing evil – but God, today I understand this word you have given me. I am not bitter, God. You took away my bitterness…Yes, there are times I cry over accusations…but I pray that you will not just revive her, but also strengthen her,” Minister Hall said during her prayer.

Hall prayed that Spice’s circumstances would cause her to turn to God, “to put away pride and the love of the world and come to you, Lord.”

Linda Leith Publishing | Literary fiction, non-fiction, and short Singles  essays“It doesn’t matter what she did to me…you know, God, I have never done evil to her. Never. I had loved her with a pure, loving heart. I was there for her, God. You be there for her now, Lord. Bring her back out of the darkness into your light, God,” Minister Hall said.

Despite rumours circulating regarding Spice’s health, the artiste has not addressed them.

Efforts to reach Spice proved futile as all calls to Khool International, her booking agent, were not answered.

In October, Spice announced that she was taking a break from social media as she was tired of answering to the “noise” persons were creating to gain her attention.

Source: Minister Marion Hall asks fans to pray for Spice – Jamaica Observer

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