Rygin King Has His Say About Crying On Stage, During His Performance ‘Therapy’ Album’

Dancehall Artist Rygin King Reveals He Is Paralyzed - Urban IslandzRygin King could not hold back his emotions while on stage last Friday, September 9, during his Therapy album launch party in Miami, for a number of reasons.

While there’s no doubt that it has been a difficult time for the “Blue Note” deejay following his paralyzation after he was shot, he explained to the STAR in a recent interview that there was just a lot of emotion flowing through him at the launch.

Rygin King added that when it reached a boiling point, he simply could not hold back the tears, which he said flowed like rain. There’s a lot that he wanted to express about his current situation, and that could only come out in tears while he was on stage, he continued.

The self-proclaimed Trap Dancehall King was shot back in 2020 and almost lost his life. For months after the attack, there were rumors that he had been paralyzed, but his management team shut them down. The artist himself eventually admitted that he could not walk.

Rygin King Comforted By I-Octane, Shed Tears At Album Launch Party - Urban IslandzRygin also revealed during the interview that he was happy that he could express his emotions unashamedly. Something he is encouraging other male artists in the genre to do.

“Sometimes we can’t explain too many things in a short space of time, so for me music was the right way to just compress me words dem and put dem together. So you find that when me, myself a listen to the songs, it put me inna dah mood deh …that’s what happened to me,” he added.

Rygin King Shares Why He Started Crying On Stage Performing 'Therapy' Album - Urban IslandzIt took a lot of effort to get the album done, and he shared that he spent many months laboring away in the studio to make sure that he got the right tracks for this one. The “No Emotion” singer also admitted that recording the album was even more of a challenge due to his recent disability.

Rygin King, however, was encouraged by getting the opportunity to share the journey with his children, the oldest of whom is six years old. For now, his focus is on walking again, and he is fully committed to physical therapy even though he said his earnest desire is also to get back on stage, wheelchair or not.

Source: Rygin King Shares Why He Started Crying On Stage Performing ‘Therapy’ Album – Urban Islandz

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