Macka Diamond Will Continue To Post Content On OnlyFans, Leaks Are Her Haters’ Attempts At Trying To Derail Her Career

Macka Diamond Says She Was 'Blocked' From Working With Vybz Kartel -  DancehallMagAge or people’s opinions matter little to dancehall star Macka Diamond, who has once again let her critics know that she has no intention of stopping her Only Fans account. The site is known for its explicit adult content, and even though some content leaked from hers, she has stated that she still does not intend to stop posting sexually aggressive content.

She made the declaration while speaking with Jamaica Observer’s Splash yesterday, September 29, where she added that she intends to keep posting even more videos. She also used the opportunity to clear the air and let fans know that she had nothing to do with the leaked content that made it into the public domain.

Macka Diamond News - DancehallMagIn the leak, which happened recently and is making the rounds on social media, the “Bun Him” singer can be seen partially exposed and giving her breasts some special attention. This is not the first leak either, as back in June, a video of similar nature also made it into the public sphere.

She firmly believes that the leaks are her haters’ attempts at trying to derail her career as she also questioned what anyone had to gain from circulating the explicit content.

Macka Diamond Set To Release '25 Inches' Music Video This Weekend | British  LinkzThe “Dye Dye” deejay added that If the reason for the leaks is to embarrass her, they definitely won’t win that battle. In fact, she said it would only serve to help boost her subscription on the site. That would mean that she ends up making even more money. In light of the recent events, she also revealed that she intends to raise her subscription from US$10 to US$50.

As with so many leaks nowadays, the veteran believes it happened when she took her phone to have the videos transferred to another device.

“What I am thinking is that when I recently changed my old phone that had the video in question, someone at the phone store downloaded all my old stuff to the new phone, saw the video and decided to circulate it on social media,” she continued.

Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

She is one of the female deejays from Jamaica who have joined the site, which was launched in 2016. Two other popular female deejays who are proud of using the site as a side business are D’Angel and Ishawna.

Macka revealed that she joined the platform in 2020 during the height of the pandemic as he was looking for an extra source of income. She explained that for two years, when there were no shows for her and her colleagues to earn a living, they decided to turn to the site.

Macka Diamond - Play Tune ft. Dj Coss (Official Music Video) - YouTubeThe “Done Already” artist also shared that since she and some of her other female artists had time on their hands, they chose to keep their fans entertained.

“I have to keep up with my postings and if I don’t, the site will send a message to tell you how long since I posted. But, I don’t have a specific time to post. I may choose to post twice for a week and then only once the other week; it depends on the amount of material I have,” she revealed.

Macka is also confident that her 22-year-old son would not be embarrassed if he came across the video. She added her only son had already seen what was on the video numerous times, so she doubted that he would have any major problem with it.

Source: Macka Diamond Doubles Down On Lucrative OnlyFans Despite Leak – Urban Islandz

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