Kabaka Pyramid and Buju Banton Releases Video Of Them Singing Their New Song ‘Faded Away’

Kabaka Pyramid recently released his new album, The Kalling, which includes the single, Faded Away, featuring veteran musician Buju Banton.

Hours before the artiste’s new album dropped, he released one of its featured singles, Faded Away, to the public, promoting the Damian Marley-produced track on his Instagram account with a video of him and Banton singing and dancing to their new song. The track samples Junior Byles’ classic 1970s roots reggae single Fade Away and delves into the similar topic of greed.

“Dem sell out fi dolla bills and silver coins. Subliminally children a get hypnotized, by dem tun teenager dem start improvise. Start carry gun and tek one bagga lives,” Kabaka sings in his first verse.

Kabaka Pyramid 'Nice Up The Dance' Brings A New Life To Michigan & Smiley Classic Original – Radio DubplateBanton adds similar sentiments in his verse. “Dem seh money a dem god and dem nuh need no odda . Some a dem really nuh know dem selves. Uno act like uno happy yet uno envy the bredda. Your soul is better than unearthly wealth. My friend, yuh better know yourself,” the Gargamel sings.

Rebelution - "2020 Vision (feat. Kabaka Pyramid) - Live in St. Augustine" - YouTubeThe Kalling, Kabaka’s second studio LP (long-playing vinyl record), features collaborations with Stephen Marley, Protoje, and Jesse Royal on the album’s title track. Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley appears alongside Kabaka on the song Red Gold and Green and the project’s bonus track Kontraband Part 2. Following the album’s release, Kabaka thanked Damian for all his help and expressed his appreciation for Stephen and Banton as well.

“Thanks to Damian Marley for sacrificing many nights to help me along my musical journey. It’s truly a blessing when you get to work with someone who inspires you and who set the blueprint for your career,” Kabaka wrote in an Instagram post.

The artiste will be embarking on a US album tour in October, where he will be performing across multiple states, including New York, California, and Washington.

Listen to Kabaka and Banton’s full track below.

Source: Kabaka Pyramid and Buju Banton Here Singing Their New Song ‘Faded Away’ – Watch Video – YARDHYPE

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