Bounty Killer Said He Doesn’t Clash With Women, Bounty Ignores Ishawna Challenge To A Clash

Ishawna Dares Bounty Killer, Beenie Man To Clash After They Tag Team Her At  Charity Event - DancehallMagBounty Killer remains silent on Ishawna challenging him to a lyrical clash on the heels of their Reggae Sumfest fallout.

Ishawna dared Bounty Killer to a clash after Bounty released a mini diss freestyle for her last week Wednesday night. In an Instagram Live. The “Equal Rights” artist reacted to Bounty Killer seemingly responding to her Reggae Sumfest antics last weekend where she whined her crotch over the face area of a cardboard cutout of Bounty Killer.

Bounty Killer and Beenie Man had met up at Mecca club after an argument on Instagram where they each accused the other of directing bad vibes at their respective persons.

During the stage appearance, Bounty said he didn’t clash with women, but he had a few words for Ishawna.

Bounty Killer Claps Back At Ishawna Over Reggae Sumfest Disrespect - Urban  Islandz“Beenie you know mi nuh clash wid gal but chu,” he says before adding, “sometimes the wrong thing is the right thing, sometimes trying to be humble is hard,” the “Down In The Ghetto” artist begins before belting out against Ishawna.

“Siddung inna which face gal, you bloodclaat mad, Nuh play dem likkle bloodcl**t games deh with the God,” Bounty Killer says to loud approvals from the crowd.

“I did not want to go there brother and you know me Beenie, I’m trying to act my f***king age,” he tells Beenie Man as he explains that he doesn’t want to diss Ishawna.


Bounty Killer goes on with the freestyle and even sends shots to Downsound Records’ producer Skatta Burrell.

“See the likkle freaky intentions you have, Gwan go beat Skatta (Burrell) inna him face with you pad,
Any sittin you want siddung, you want siddung pan buddy,” Bounty Killer ends with loud praise from his fans in the club.

Ishawna was quick to respond on Thursday as she caught wind of the clip of the performance. The “Brace It” artist dared the dancehall icon to take it to the studio and drop a proper diss song for her.

“This was last night at Mecca and Killer say him perform song for me. Memba say the girl just go do her song you know,” Ishawna says.

Ishawna Shares Some 'Equal Rights' With Life Size Cut-Out Of Bounty Killer  At Sumfest - DancehallMagShe then addressed Bounty Killer directly. “Killa don’t go inna Mecca and go sing a likkle four lines, I dare you, dare you fi gonna inna the studio… mi dare you, go inna the studio, yeah, mi woulda love fi have this under my belt,” she said in the Instagram Live video.

“Tag Killer tell him say mi dare him… I dare you to do a diss song, I dare you to clash Ishawna cause memba Ishawna head nuh good,” she added.

Ishawna’s performance last week saw her gyrating on cardboard cutouts of Bounty Killer and Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton during her set.

During her “Equal Rights” performance, she gyrated her crotch over Bounty’s cutout by the face as if symbolically receiving oral sex from the artist who is strongly anti-oral sex.

The tensions between the dancehall artist come from Bounty’s fervent objection to the content of Ishawna’s song, which promotes women receiving oral sex. She is the first female artist to make a song of the kind, and Bounty Killer had refused to go on stage and even threatened to blacklist her career if she showed up at an event they were to perform at.

“[Ishawna] yeah sing the song deh at this show else mi ago rush har Nuh kitten or Catfish can nuh bloodbath bother come bcbuzzhat yeah sing else she cannot be on no more shows with me either cuz mi nuh sing fi bow cat or blowfish,” Bounty Killer said.

Bounty Killer Warns Ishawna Not To Perform “Equal Rights” Around Him |  British LinkzThe “Equal Rights” artist has never responded to Bounty Killer and ended up attending the event, although there were reports that he refused to use the same mic as her as if he scorned her.

“Equal Rights” is a remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” Sheeran spoke about discovering the song and wanted to work with Ishawna, which led to their chart-topping “Brace It” collaboration.

Source: Bounty Killer Ignores Ishawna Challenging Him To A Lyrical Clash – Urban Islandz

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