Popcaan Is Off The Market, Gone Public With Dating Toni-Ann Singh

Popcaan, Toni-Ann Singh Spark Dating Rumors, But Some Fans Aren't Convinced  - DancehallMagPopcaan’s female fans are not too happy that he is off the market after going public with relationship with former Miss World Toni-Ann Singh.

The Jamaican artist has signaled that he is no longer free and single following the release of his song “Toni-Ann Singh,” where he professes his love for her and even promises commitment in the form of marriage.

The song appears on Burna Boy‘s new album Love, Damini, where Popcaan appears to be either provoking fans or confirming that he and the Miss Jamaica World beauty queen are a couple.

Popcaan recently shared several photos and videos of him and Singh, which sparked rumors that they are in a relationship. They were seen together in a private jet on the way to Grenada last month, and they were also seen spending quality time earlier this month.

In the meantime, Popcaan does not shy away from publicly expressing his love for Singh, as he describes the desire to one day marry her and make her his Mrs. Sutherland. Popcaan’s real name is Andre Sutherland. This is the first time that the entertainer acknowledges a woman he is dating publicly and openly expresses his love.

Popcaan and Toni Ann Singh

“Imma make you my wife one of these days I know what you want my baby, no worry,” the Unruly entertainer sings.

“Gal you’re pretty like Toni-Ann Singh…Fi mi angel without the two wings yeah…Whine yuh waist me darling…let me feel like all of me falling, yeah…Bend over pon’ the rhythm…Bad man ah turn you like a steering wheel…Me love you like me savings, yeah,” Popcaan said in the song.

Popcaan Pays Homage To Miss World Toni-Ann Singh, A St. Thomas Native -  Urban IslandzWhile some female fans found renewed validation for keeping their standards high for a man to treat them like how Popcaan is to Singh, some fans have expressed sadness at having their hopes of being with the singer dashed to pieces.

“Toni ann make every woman left mi to Bomboc***t!!! I’m so lonely,” Popcaan wrote on Twitter on Tuesday in response to women flooding his DMs.

He also shared several screenshots of his DMs on his Instagram account.

“5: 44 in the morning and mi cyah sleep that toni Ann song hurt mi… hope she treat u right because I not taking u back I fed up time I focus pon mi self…I can’t do this anymore Andre all pon tiktok ya star every time I refresh my fyp,” one screenshot read.

Popcaan Instagram

“My Kenya wifey upset,” Popcaan also wrote about a DM he received where another woman from Kenya wrote about being hurt by the song.

“You don’t even care about your unruly women from Kenya bruv you’ve hurt me big time been with you since I don’t know when like dawwg you said real thugs never forget the dump land or where we come from now you are forgetting your women from Kenya it’s okay… you’ve hurt me am crying like a bombclaat gyel but it is what is chubble street foot feet #beef but I can always be second wife to tonni you know,” the screenshot said.

Another woman wrote, “me feel hurt but what can I do but wait until my time…gonna always love my Popi with or without Toni whatever she wah name.”

Source: Popcaan Confronted By Females After Professing Love For Toni-Ann Singh – Urban Islandz

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