Sophia Brown Releases ‘Bad For Me’, Her Fourth Studio Album

Sophia Brown 'Bad For Me', Song Is About A Messy Love Triangle – Radio  DubplateNearly five years after she suffered potentially life-threatening injuries in a car crash in the US, Jamaican singer Sophia Brown released her fourth studio album, Bad for Me, last Friday.

“I wanted this to be something spectacular. I want to look at it as one of my greatest works. I find I am more mature as an artiste and as a producer, and I tend to stick to the fine line where music and creativity are concerned,” Brown said.

Ever since she released her first official single Love You Pure in 2008, Brown has become known internationally as one of Jamaica’s leading purveyors of classy, reggae soul songs that have won her a strong global following. Her previous albums are The Spotlight (2009), Catch Me if You Can (2012), and Change (2017).

However, a near-fatal accident in Maryland in July 2017 threatened to derail her career. For almost three years, she did no recording. Now fully healed, she is back with Bad for Me.

Singles include My Religion, a collaboration with Duane Stephenson, Stronger, and the title track that was released in February.

Except for the Sydney Mills-produced Baby When You Left, Brown takes production credits for all the other songs.

Sophia Brown goes dancehall – Jamaica Observer“People know me to sing love songs but we have some social commentary, we have dancehall, and we have house. I have broadened my horizons on this album, something for everyone that is also desirable for airplay on any station,” she said. “I am a perfectionist in that sense because I like to know that whatever I am creating the world will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.”

Sophia Brown | DJ SlyBrown harbours lofty ambitions for Bad for Me and plans to do plenty of production work similar to Catch Me If You Can.

“I want to spread the word globally when it comes on to this particular project. We have gone through a pandemic and we have used music to help soothe the world, and, basically, I just want to send this out universally,” she said.

Brown and her handlers have planned several promotional shows in the United Kingdom, Europe and the US, and an accompanying video for the title track is being prepared.

Source: Sophia Brown releases fourth studio album | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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