Jah Cure Receives New Hearing Date Of May 17th 

Jah Cure sentenced to six years in Dutch prison | Loop JamaicaJAH Cure is scheduled to return to a pro forma court on May 17 in the Netherlands in relation to the previously dismissed attempted murder charge.

Tuscha Essed, press officer of the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service, said the court will determine whether he will continue to be detained while the prosecution prepares to appeal the singer’s acquittal on an attempted murder charge.

“During the pro forma hearing, a judge will decide on the [continuing of the] detention of the suspect, while the prosecution is preparing the case. If the judge decides to detain the suspect longer, this will be for a period of 90 days — after which, [by law], either the case must go on trial or another pro forma hearing has to take place. The actual trial of the case will probably be months from now,” said Essed.

Jah Cure, 43, was convicted on March 22 of the lesser charge of attempted manslaughter and sentenced to six years in prison in the Netherlands for the stabbing of a show promoter.

Jah Cure Arrested: Why was Reggae Singer Jah Cure Arrested? ExplainedAccording to police reports, Jah Cure stabbed show promoter Nicardo “Papa” Blake in his abdomen at Dam Square in Amsterdam in October 2021. Blake, the principal of Roots Vibes, which stages reggae shows in the Netherlands, was reportedly hospitalised.

“These are grave crimes that not only have consequences for the personal integrity of the victim, but [have] also severely shaken the legal order. Because the victim was stabbed in broad daylight, and in the busy city centre of Amsterdam, it evokes feelings of unsafety among the general public,” said prosecutors at the trial.

Throughout the years, Jah Cure has had several brushes with the law. He was convicted of rape and illegal possession of a firearm in April 1999 and served eight of a 15-year sentence in prison. He was released in July 2007.

Jah Cure to make second court appearance in Netherlands next week - The  Edge FMJah Cure, given name Siccature Alcock, has had consistent chart success. His hit songs include Prison Walls, Only You, Love Is, Unconditional Love, and All of Me.

His 2015 album, The Cure, was nominated for a Best Reggae Album Grammy Award the following year.

Source: Jah Cure gets new hearing date of May 17 – Jamaica Observer

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