Shenseea Purchased Her Team Rolex Watches, Showing Her Appreciation

Jamaican dancehall singer Shenseea sued for $10 million for alleged  copyright infringement over “Lick”Shenseea’s team in Jamaica will be sporting some shiny new Rolex watches thanks to the Alpha female.

Shenseea is enjoying the success of her album Alpha which was released earlier this month, and she’s ensuring that everyone who had a hand in her success is shown appreciation. The album has received wide acclaim and debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Reggae Chart two days ago in its latest chart movement.

Shenseea has been vocal about her journey to fame and stardom and has constantly shared her gratitude to her manager and other members of her team, who she credits for believing in her and giving her a shot at music.

In true spirit, she ensured that her team members knew how much she rated them as she gifted three of them brand new Rolex watches.

A video shared on her Instagram account sees her in a short blue and white romper pop up with gift boxes behind her back. ‘I got gifts,” she says as she lays the boxes down on a glass table in front of Romeich Major, DJ Blackboi, and producer Slyda Di Wizard. All three are day ones for Shenseea since she was just starting in in 2016.

Shenseea Kicks Off 2022 With Fun New Video, 'Dolly'The men immediately open the gifts as they look on with excitement and disbelief. They all laugh and put on the watches while one remarks at the glittering stones “Shen-Deliers (a play on the word chandeliers to comment on the flashy piece).”

Shenseea shared a sweet message of gratitude to the men who supported her career when she wasn’t earning much.

“I am grateful for the team I have. They literally do anything I ask without complaint, look out for me, learned me, lift my spirit when i’m down, ride for me from the start,” Shenseea captioned the video.

Alpha' Shenseea Gifted Her Team Including Romeich Icy Rolex Watches - Urban  Islandz“I remember when we had to do free shows over and OVER again to promote my brand. THANK YOU! Your loyalty is never unnoticed. When I’m up my team is UP! My day one’s @romeichentertainment @slydadiwizard @djblackboi_1 #ALPHA,” Shenseea said as she ended the sweet post.

Source: ‘Alpha’ Shenseea Gifted Her Team Including Romeich Icy Rolex Watches – Urban Islandz

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