Koffee Shares Why There Are No Features On “Gifted” Album, ‘She Wanted To Focus On Reconnecting With Her Own Talent’

Koffee, already a Grammy-winning globetrotter, is in full control for  'Gifted' debut : NPRKoffee dropped her debut album this weekend and fans quickly noticed there are no features.

The time is right, and Koffee is confident that her debut album, Gifted will be well received by her fans. She made the comments while speaking with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. The 22-year-old artist also revealed that she felt grateful and excited to share her new work with the world.

The “Rapture” singer said that she believed that the album’s timing was just perfect, as she also shared that she had been working on the album during the pandemic lockdown in Jamaica. Now that Covid-19 measures worldwide are being relaxed, she’s looking forward to traveling and sharing her new music.

The pandemic provided her with the time to assess herself and her career. She shared that she had to develop a different type of thought process during the pandemic as she began doubting her abilities. It’s something she believed that a lot of creatives had to endure as well.

Getting over these thoughts was a big part of the process in making the album, she continued.

“To be honest, I had to kind of console myself into seeing that nothing happens before the correct time. I don’t know what the setbacks would’ve been if it had happened earlier. I don’t know what all the setbacks would’ve been, but one would’ve been like not being able to tour immediately. I’m just grateful,” the Jamaican singer added.

Review: Koffee's 'Gifted' - Rolling StoneKoffee get the opportunity to meet with her adoring fans soon since the tour for the album begins in April in the United States.

Many have noted that her debut album has no features, and this was done purposefully, she continued. It was primarily because she wanted to ensure that whoever joined her on a track was a good fit, and she also wanted to focus on reconnecting with her own talent for this album.

She went on to say that she wanted to remind herself to keep motivated and to try and bring back the energy of her unique talent. It was also a way of reminding fellow creatives no matter the setback or how down they may be. They should never ever forget the gift that they have within them. That was how she also came up with the name for the album, which is a message to other creatives to keep pushing through no matter what.

Gifted features 10 tracks and is the “Toast” singer’s way of trying to make the music space her home. She added that because of this album, she has a better idea of when the time will come to invite other people in the right way to collaborate.

Koffee - WikipediaKoffee, whose real name is Mikayla Simpson, is one of the youngest to be so successful in the genre. She first grabbed attention back in 2017. Two years later, she signed with Columbia Records, and in 2020 she created history when she won the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album with her EP Rapture.

Koffee became the youngest person at just 19 years old and the only woman to be awarded in the Best Reggae Album category.

Gifted was released on Friday, March 25, by Sony Music UK and RCA Records.

Koffee also had a word of advice for fellow creatives, “Just remember that once you have life and you have the ability to execute a gift, just use that to the fullness of your ability.”

Source: Koffee Shares Why There Are No Features On “Gifted” Album – Urban Islandz

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