Beenie Man Accused DJs Like Boom Boom And Harry Hype For Mashing Up Dancehall, By Showcasing Trap Dancehall Music

Beenie Man talks reinvention of self and sound for longevity |  Entertainment | Jamaica GleanerBeenie Man was not happy at all with the DJs’ playlist at Boom Sundays and he stopped the event to address a burning issue he had with present selectors who he believe were neglecting important Dancehall songs to solely play Trap Dancehall music.

While at Boom Sundays which is hosted weekly by Boom Boom and Harry Hype, Beenie Man spoke out about the music they were promoting and accused them of destroying Dancehall.

With the microphone in hand and the music silenced, dancehall legend Beenie Man explained that Trap Music is slowly taking over every genre of music and now Dancehall is being diluted since Trap was incorporated into the genre.

“When man bring dancehall song come give unno unno don’t play it,” Beenie Man stated. He went on to say that selectors were only interested in playing the Trap Dancehall regardless of the fact that those Trap singers did not support the parties by attending.

Beenie Man To Release New Album 'Simma' On His Birthday – DancehallMag“Unno play di man dem weh nah come a party eno and we weh deh yah, unno nah play we. The man dem weh nu deh yah unno play dem one hour, two hour, three hour,” he said.

Beenie Man, borne Anthony Moses Davis, claimed that while the trap version of Dancehall diluted the genre, the selectors were the ones that were truly ruining the music. “Dem a sing fuckry but unno a play it,” he added.

According to Harry Hype’s explanation, Trap Dancehall was being played because since the pandemic only Trap Dancehall singers were producing music and other Dancehall artists were not releasing songs.

Boom Boom also took a moment to clarify what Davis said and explained that Trap music was being played because it is important to support the youths in the industry. He stated that he needed to play their music to help them because if they don’t get the help they needs, they would resort to crime and violence.

Beenie Man Suing Dancehall Artiste Pamputtae For Defamation Over Assault  Claim – Radio DubplateWhile Boom Boom said that he hardly ever receive songs from Beenie Man to play, the Dancehall Icon stated that he had ten billboard hits that were never played in Jamaica. Davis also expressed angrily that these deejays were playing with his life.

“Unno a ramp wid mi music, unno a ramp wid mi life. A mi a di king a diss, you just play di music,” Beenie Man stated.

Boom Boom went on to say that while he respected Beenie Man, he still needed to support the young youths. He added that as the generation changed so did the music and with this generation, the youths needs help to reach where they wanted to be.

Source: Beenie Man Says DJs Like Boom Boom And Harry Hype “F@ck Up” Dancehall – YARDHYPE

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