Tanya Stephens Gives More Details About The  ‘Hypocrisy’ And Gives More Insight Into Marion Hall

I'm proud of you guys': Tanya Stephens says conversations about sex have  evolved | BuzzOne of the women who were constantly alleged to be a victim of the Minister’s bullying was Tanya Stephens. The reggae artiste went Live Tuesday to speak her truth once and for all.

Tanya started off by explaining to everyone that she was only speaking out now because hypocrisy is a major problem in the society that needed to be highlighted and resolved. She said there are persons who society think so highly of that they are incapable of doing any wrong. She said that Jamaicans encourage bad behaviours, and then they criticize it after cultivating it.

Tanya pointed out that persons were bashing the females in the industry for not living peacefully when there are several males who feuded such as Shabba vs Ninjaman, Bounty Killer vs Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel vs Mavado.

Tanya Stephens - Jamaicansmusic.comReferring to the Minister as “Grayback”, Tanya said that the issue in Dancehall with the females have always been centered around one person for decades. Tanya confirmed that she is unbothered by persons who spoke “shit” about her, but she was only annoyed by everyone on social media who support and encourage delusion.

Tanya said that these female names are being called as a result of envy because these women have either reached a level of great accomplishment or they have the potential to reach that success.

She mentioned that when she came into the music industry, she realized that she had walked onto a battlefield. Tanya revealed that she had moved to Sweden at the peak of her career because she felt depressed for not expressing her creativity. She stated that her leaving allowed her to escape the drama in the industry.

Allegedly, Marion Hall had formed a group called ‘Military’ to attack Tanya because she rejected the Minister’s invitation to join a circle that would ultimately stop her growth.

She recalled a time when Gaddafi got a call telling him to “pick a side in the war” because he recorded her. Tanya even said Lady Saw even added her daughter’s name in a song when her daughter was attending prep school. The song said, “nu know if a Spragga or Eli a di fadda fi Kelly”. Lady Saw allegedly even told reporters Tanya was having sex with every male in the industry.

Tanya Stephens - it's a pitty is classic | Reggae artists, Free spirit,  Music is lifeShe said that people should stop expecting more from artistes than they do from themselves. Tanya clarified that she was never competing with Lady Saw as they were on two didn’t career paths. However, Tanya stated that Lady Saw kept trying to clash with her.

Tanya confessed that she wrote a song for Lady Saw against Lady G because Lady Saw had complained that Lady G was fighting against her and blocking her income. Tanya admitted that because of all the rumours Lady Saw spoke about Lady G, she had stayed away from Lady G until she discovered she was innocent.

Watch the full live chat below.

Source: Tanya Stephens Talks ‘Hypocrisy’ and Disrespects Marion Hall Again – YARDHYPE

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