Skillibeng Missing In Action From Instagram

Jamaica's dancehall star Skillibeng breaks down his mixtape - i-DThe E-Syde boss Skillibeng has been missing in action from Instagram since recently, and his absence surely sparks one curiosity to wonder why he would have disabled his account or if the reason for his lack of presence is caused by another factor.

Regardless of his social media absence “Skilli” nonetheless has been releasing songs, dropping “Pree” 3 weeks ago, and a new song entitled “Love Handles” on Tuesday.

Not too long ago, the deejay’s girlfriend, Taveionn Tender, had a child so it might just be that at this point Skillibeng has taken the initiative to step up as a real father, with him leaving the distractions of Instagram behind.

Usually, when Dancehall artistes go absent on Instagram it is normally a part of their strategy as once they are back on the platform they usually promote new projects, or change their appearances so it will be exciting to see if the “Piana” artiste has something like that in mind.

Skillibeng interview: “It was always the goal to be a… - The FaceThinking about all the deejay’s career circumstances too just to take into consideration all the factors that might have caused his absence, it is well known that Dancehall fans have been giving the deejay a hard time since recently based on the songs that he has been releasing, letting him know that he needs to go back to the drawing books to get hit songs since his new ones have been sounding off.

Whatever Skillibeng is doing, however, we will need to see if it works for him and the only thing that can afford us the opportunity at this point to know what is taking place is by waiting to see what the deejay reveals when he reactivates his Instagram account.

Source: Skillibeng Missing From Instagram – YARDHYPE

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