Romeich Won’t Place A Label On Shenseea, But He Knows She Is The Next Big Thing

Shenseea's Manager Romeich Launches Own Brand Of 'Major' Vitamins - Urban  IslandzMany fans have been labelling Shenseea as the next big thing without hesitation. As the singer take on international opportunities, her fans continue to label her and some have even compared her to Rihanna.

In an interview with The Weekend Star, Shenseea’s long-time manager, Romeich Major said both his and the singer’s focus was on creating great music and not on labels. He complimented Shenseea on her continuous hard work and added he found it amazing that people could put her in the same category as Rihanna.

Romeich and Shenseea Maintains Connection – YARDHYPEHe went on to say that he could not make any predictions for her to be the next “queen” or “princess of the Caribbean”, as the goal was only for persons to acknowledge Shenseea as an “international artiste.”

Additionally, Romeich Major proudly confirmed that Shenseea’s debut “Alpha” album, which is slated for next month by Rich Immigrants/Interscope Records, would be great.

Romeich Major Breaks Silence On Shenseea's Alleged River Altercation –  Radio DubplateIn his description of the album, he said, “It’s gonna be an album that’s very different from the norm of a dancehall artiste.” He went on to say that the album included both international and dancehall music, which will make persons have greater respect for the artiste’s skills. Major added that the album took time to ensure good quality as this will be a moment of growth for Shenseea.

Shenseea has been showcasing her versatility through her songs Lick, Be Good, Run Run, and You’re The One I Love, all of which will be reappearing in the album.

Source: Romeich Major Won’t Put Labels On Shenseea – YARDHYPE

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