Minister Marion Hall Is Stepping Away From Calling, ‘Congratulations On Your Mission To Bring Me Down’

Marion Hall Exposes Spice in NEW Live Chat and Speaks Lawsuit : r/dancehallMinister Marion Hall posted a cryptic message on Tuesday night that she would no longer host her services on social media.

“To all Christians and none Christians who’s been coming up against my ministry. Congratulations on your mission to bring me down. You’ve successfully done so,” wrote Hall. “I’ve now decided to step away from my calling in order to fulfil your desires. I will no longer be preaching or keeping church on any social media platform. May God forgive me.”

Marion Hall Addresses Backlash From Dancehall Artistes: "Come Kiss Out Mi  Bible" - Urban IslandzThe announcement came as a surprise to Hall’s followers as just Monday, Hall, who used to go by the name Lady Saw when she performed as a hardcore dancehall artiste, said she had big plans for YouTube.

“Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ will be moving all our services to our YouTube channel in the next two weeks. If you want to be a part of our online congregation, please subscribe to [the] Minister Marion Hall YouTube channel. We pray you’ll be richly blessed each and every week,” she wrote.

Entertainment Archives - Page 25 of 152 - Caribbean NewsOne user cautioned Hall on Facebook. “Mine yuh end up in the whale belly. Either you are called or yuh a play,” responded Marcia Ellis. She called on the minister to hold the faith. “Did those before have it easy[?] Some [were] killed, but they continued to hold the faith. God knows, so we can’t play him cause he knows our heart, the sincerity and humility of us,” said Ellis.

Elsewhere there was speculation that this could mark the return of Lady Saw. It has not been confirmed if this is the case.

Hall was baptised in 2015. She made her official debut as Minister Marion Hall in 2016 and has recently faced criticism for comments she made about female dancehall artistes, including Spice and Shenseea and their approach to music.

Source: Minister Marion Hall says she is stepping away from calling | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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