Marion Hall Says ‘The Devil’ Resides On Facebook & IG

Marion Hall Addresses Backlash From Dancehall Artistes: "Come Kiss Out Mi Bible" - Urban IslandzMinister Marion Hall has now clarified that while she is stepping away from Meta’s Facebook and Instagram social media platforms, she is not abandoning her Christian ministry, and is only transitioning over to Google’s video-sharing and social media platform, YouTube.

Since making her now-infamous statements about Spice, Shenseea, Jada Kingdom, and Ishawna several weeks ago, Hall had been complaining that there were detractors aligned to Spice, who were posting unsavory comments during her live sessions on Instagram.

Last week, she left tongues wagging after she announced on an Instagram post that she would be discontinuing her online ministry, which sees her streaming live from her social media pages on Wednesdays with prayer and fasting and regular church services on Sunday mornings.  The post had come shortly after her nemesis Spice had berated her and brought up her infertility issues following her own claims that she had prevented the Cool It artist from terminating one of her two pregnancies.

Minister Marion Hall - I'm Gonna Fast (Right Man) Live - YouTube“To all Christians and non-Christians who’s been coming up against me and my ministry. Congratulations on your mission to take me down. You’ve successfully done so,” Hall had written on February 8.  “I’ve decided to walk away from my calling, and will no longer be doing any preaching on any social media platform. May the Lord forgive me.”  On Facebook, Hall added, “Yes you got it right. I’m walking away from the ministry.”

Marion Hall now an ordained evangelistHowever, over the weekend, she told the Jamaica Observer that it was the disorderly and virago-like conduct of some of the commenters and followers, who were plaguing the sermons when they were underway, which had led to her decision to abandon preaching on the two platforms.

“I would never turn my back on God. I would never walk away from my calling so that the devil can rejoice. I’m just stepping away from Facebook and IG, because they’re just polluted with the devil’s activity,” Hall said.

“I have monetised my YouTube page and that’s where I’m going to be,” she told The Jamaica Observer in an interview.

Hall told the newspaper that the comments being posted by some of the Facebook and Instagram followers are, in many instances, distracting and ‘devilish’.

“I believe those two platforms are where the devil resides… I will only accept prayers from people who love the Lord and know the Lord, and know this is God’s doing,” she said.

The former Queen of Dancehall, who bore the moniker Lady Saw, had launched her ‘Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ’ online on Sunday, March 29, 2020, where she preached her first Facebook live sermon, in a room dedicated for that purpose at one of her homes.

Marion Hall – Formerly Lady Saw – To Headline Royal New Years Eve Ball on Dec. 31st (<a href=@MinisterMarion) | MARIA JACKSON MAGAZINE" data-noaft="1" />From the outset, the Facebook Live Sunday sermons had been amassing more than over 30,000 viewers per staging.  At the time she had said that four months prior, a lady who was in the process of migrating from Jamaica had offered her a building to start a physical church in St. Ann, according to Irie FM.

The last video on Hall’s YouTube channel, which has close to 25,000 subscribers, was her sermon on February 6 titled The Year of Reaping, in which she had said she would be coming back into Dancehall to reap souls for Jesus Christ.

Source: Marion Hall Moving Her Ministry To YouTube, Says ‘The Devil’ Resides On Facebook, IG – DancehallMag

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