I-Octane Is Distancing Himself From Any Criminal Activity, He Says He Has No Comment

I-Octane says he's no criminal after name mentioned at gang trial | Loop  JamaicaI-OCTANE is, again, distancing himself from being involved in any criminal activity after his name was mentioned for a second time in the Klansman Gang trial at the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston on Tuesday.

“I have no comment. But as mi say before… I say what I have said from my name was called the first time… my response is the same,” the dancehall singjay told the Jamaica Observer on Wednesday.

Witness Number One, the second ex-member of the St Catherine-based Klansman gang turned Crown Witness in the ongoing trial of 33 accused members of that outfit, claimed that discussions were held with I-Octane to spirit a Klansman member out of Jamaica as a part of his entourage.

Interview: I-Octane (2014) | United ReggaeThe witness made the assertion following the playing of another phone call recording in which members of the gang and himself held discussions.

During the call-in questioning, the witness – who was in discussion with the accused Fabian Johnson o/c Crocs – was being told about a sum of money that alleged gang leader Andre “Blackman” Bryan had said was to be collected from the dancehall artiste.

The witness, in responding to a question from the prosecutor leading the evidence, alleged that the artiste had also told Johnson that a visa could be obtained easily.

“He was talking to I-Octane about getting a visa to leave the country and I-Octane was saying that easy,” the witness explained.

In November last year, the witness referenced multiple visits by himself and Bryan to the St Andrew studio owned by I-Octane.

According to the witness, while at the studio I-Octane would be recording music.

I-Octane Photos (2 of 4) | Last.fm“More than one time we went to the studio,” the witness said, adding that the facility was located on Dunrobin Avenue going toward Constant Spring Road, in a plaza next to a car mart.

He made the disclosure in the course of identifying Johnson, whom he said accompanied himself and Bryan on those night-time visits.

I-Octane, however, took to Instagram at the time to distance himself from the allegations.

Top 10 Moods of I-Octane“First thing, no one escort me to the studio. Do your research. People in the music can tell you I have my own recording studio, so when anybody wants to do any form of recording dem meet me at the studio. Next thing, why would I do a crime and have my little daughter at the crime scene? So if having my daughter who loves music at my studio when I am recording so she can learn more, plus voicing for a known recording company, where is the crime?… I have come across nuff yute who inna badness because of their background but come to me and say: ‘DJ help take me out of badness’. Note, I don’t know nothing about dem badness but dem ask for help…,” I-Octane wrote in part to his almost 700,000 followers.

“When it’s election time, I sing dubs. I sing dubs for politicians on both sides… that don’t mean me into politics. When politicians keep the rally parties and me go sing for free, that don’t mean me vote (mi never vote yet). When police a keep dem party at the station and me go sing for free, that don’t mean me a carry info to them. When badman keep dem ghetto shows and nuff artistes, including myself, go that don’t mean mi inna badness,” he continued.

I-Octane (given name Byomie Muir) is popular in dancehall circles. He got his break more than a decade ago with his single Stab Vampire. He is also known for the songs Lose A Friend, Love You, Mama You Alone, Wine and Jiggle, and Puff It.

Source: No comment from I-Octane

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