Everything Is Pointing To Pretty Pretty And IWaata Are An Item Again

Iwaata and dancer Prettypretty are now engagedDancing Rebel recently posted a story on her Instagram page with the caption “I stay out of my friends relationships cause I know they going back” and tagged the following persons to the post @the_original_tc, @prettyofficial @pollykinz, @kadiesterling_. The caption ended with a few laughing emoji’s and the words “If this isn’t y’all”.

Since then, the Instagram story has been reposted by all of the tagged persons where each have left comments regarding the caption.

TC reposted the story with a few slap in the face emoji’s, which is usually used to display frustration or embarrassment at a person or situation.

@Pollykinz reposted and wrote “Nahh this aint me” with a crying emoji as if she’s empathizing with the person that the post is actually for.

@Kadiesterling_ reposted and wrote “Now why you doing me like that” with a few laughing emoji’s.

I Waata Alleged Baby Mama Surface Amid Apology To His GF Pretty Pretty -  Urban IslandzFinally, that leaves Pretty Pretty, she reposted the post but no caption was made on it like the others and what is that one quote that persons usually make about silence… “Silence means consent” right? This has since left social media speculating that Pretty Pretty might now have a change in heart towards the situation with herself and IWaata.

Check out the reshare by Prety Pretty below.

It has been over a year since IWaata cheated on Pretty Pretty and she was publicly embarrassed after a photo surfaced with Iwaata, his baby mother and his child on social media pages. However, since the turn of the year, Iwaata has been trying consistently to mend the relationship between him and Pretty Pretty.

PRETTY PRETTY REVEALS She Wants IWaata Back! Spice Allegedly Thief Amari  Style - YouTubeLast week he issued a public apology to Pretty Pretty that stated “things do happen in life, but that’s no excuse for me as a man. I’m sorry Mimi”. Additionally, just a few days after, he went on his Instagram live previewing a song that he wrote for Pretty Pretty with the lyrics saying “You affi mi Mimi, Mimi tell yuh seh mi sorry.”

The rekindling of the relationship between Pretty Pretty and IWaata is one that is much anticipated by social media. Social media users have voiced their concerns and comments regarding the situation, with some advising Pretty Pretty to move on from the relationship while others are advising her to forgive and forget.

Nonetheless, social media anxiously awaits to see what happens next between the Pretty Pretty and IWaata situation.

Source: Has Pretty Pretty And IWaata Rekindled Their Relationship? – YARDHYPE

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