Spice And The ‘Dollies’ Not Seeing Eye To Eye  In Her Latest Release ‘Different Category’

Spice Makes Big Reveal, Dancehall Queen Is Magnum's New Ambassador – Radio  DubplateThe Grammy-nominated Queen of Dancehall Spice debuted her first song for 2022 titled Different Category this morning—a track which has left tongues wagging as Dancehall fans are claiming it is a counteraction to Shenseea’s new song Dolly.

Spice’s song, in general, is aimed at telling an unspecified female detractor that, although they were pretty alike, had good figures and were wealthy, they were still poles apart; that she was seated “at first class” whilst her unworthy opponent could only muster up a seat at the lowly “plane fin”.

However, the section of the song which seems to be stirring the most controversy, and even laughter is her references to “battery dolly”, specifically in the lines: “mi nuh ordinary, mi inna different category/gyal haffi a watch mi like mi a dem inquiry/battery dolly whola dem jus sen fi mi/dem a secondary/di whola dem temporary”.

Spice: The Queen of dancehall's 9 key career moments“Battery” in Jamaica is slang for what in American parlance is known as gang bang/gang rape or running a train, while “battery dolly”—a pejorative term popularized by Beenie Man in a 1999 song of the same name— is an expression for when a single woman has sexual intercourse (whether forced or willingly) with a group of males partners totaling three or more.

The battery dolly lines, some Spice fans claim, are aimed at her former dancers Prettii Prettii, TC, and Rebel, who often refer to themselves as dolls and who were mentioned and featured in the music video for Shenseea’s Dolly.

After parting ways with the Queen of Dancehall in 2020, the dynamic trio landed their own YouTube reality series dubbed Dancehall Life, a production by Downsound Entertainment, while Prettii Prettii has also made the transition to music.

From left: Christina ‘Dancing Rebel’ Nelson, Keticia ‘TC’ Chatman and Tashlieka ‘Pretty Pretty’ Laird

Shenseea’s Dolly took aim at an ugly opponent, and pointed out that the woman in question could not ‘par wid di dolly dem’, a jab Dancehall fans contended was aimed at Spice.

The song currently has over 2 million views on YouTube since its release on January 2.

Spice initially premiered her Troy “Troyton” Hinds-produced song on DJ Lava’s Chat and Laugh Instagram Live show last night.

From Fallen Soldiers artist Demarco’s studio, she declared that she was focused this year and would not be in any skirmishes with anyone.  “Right now me deh pon a different level.  Mi nuh inna no run up an dung an no fuss-fuss… this is a focus year.  Money mi a deal wid; focus and money mi a deal wid,” she said.

“Mi jus waan seh dis an mek it be very clear: mi naw kill up myself wid negative energy.  Becaw, yuh si if mi kill up mislef wid negativity and negative energy, mi a fly up inna God face,” the Cool It artist continued.

Spice then went on to tell the viewers how wealthy, happy and successful she was at present, while pointing out how poor she was at one point in her life.

“Once upon a time I had zero dollars in my bank account.  Today I can say I am rich!  Once upon a time me, Gracey, had one pair a shoes.  My closet is messy right now; I don’t have any space; I don’t know where to put dem.   Clothes a weh mi haffi bag up every day and a teck outta mi closet fi carry guh gi weh,” she stated.

“Mi want di people dem fi understand seh a far mi a come from.  Hungry days, one pair a shoes; nuttn at all.  Look inna mi account a zero dalla deh deh, caan feed  mi pickney dem.  Yuh si when I wake up in di morning today, and now with my life, my man go dungstairs and mek me breakfast.   My bed is expensive; my kids are happy; they are comfortable.  When I go to the doctor and I do my checkup, no sickness.  I am healthy,” she continued.

Added Spice: “For Christmas the other day, I gave my mother almost $2 million.  Why yuh think mi a guh come wid a negative energy and a stress?  It is not going to happen.  I am comfortable in life and grateful  to God and that is where its gonna stay.  No negative energy cannot come my way.   Mi nuh deh poon no distraction.

As she continued her testimony, Spice took another subliminal jab at her “unworthy” opponent.

“Meck mi talk outta mi nice mouth” she began, during which DJ Lava injected: “An yuh teeth dem white to”.

Spice immediately chimed in: “Real! a nuh white alone.  Real.”

“But I am too comfortable; I am too happy; I am too successful.  I am blessed; my children is happy. Everything is perfectly fine.  Mi naw no worries, mi naw no problem so why mi a guh create none”.

On Spice’s IG page where she shared a snippet of her new song, and declared that it was unreleased, there were jeers as followers kept asking who were the “battery dollies” to whom she was referring.

There was major stir after one fan havenly876 asked: “Lol dwrcl den why did spice affi mention dolly????”

In response 11225bkallday noted: “I was thinking the same ting, if u really on a different level u don’t take time yo make a song after they song cause that mean u listening to they music and she carrying some type of feelings. She older than all of them and she need to ignore it cause they younger generation will ride with the dolly them cause they don’t vibe with spice like the ole reggae heads like my self. With no lie being told Dolly song is very vibez.”

Others came out in defense of Shenseea and her dollies, claiming that the Queen of Dancehall was simply jealous.

“Cause she throwing words which defeat the title of the song “different category”….but all when spice name wasn’t mentioned if she feel offended she gonna respond😂,” one follower wrote.

“She bex tru she ano dolly😂😂😂,” shim_meala wrote.

Another follower teetee_indigo had this summary: “I think she hurt because her dancers were apart of the music video, but no, no names were mentioned just that people “ugly” if you know you ain’t ugly why respond? Like this just make its seem like she is bothered by her foreal and she shouldn’t be, because we ALL know the Dragon 🐉 a badmind smady from time and she only have popularity because most of her music is TRASH. Spice shouldnt even go there. Its giving bothered.”

Source: Spice Disses The ‘Dollies’ In New Song ‘Different Category’ – DancehallMag

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