Rytikal Changing His Name To Purytikal, Agent Sasco Supports Name Change

Rytikal - Chosen (Official Video) - YouTubeAgent Sasco shows Rytikal a lot of support after changing his moniker to Purytikal and rebranding his image.

The “Winning Right Now” deejay, who had already walked the path of criticism when he changed his name from ‘Assassin’ in 2006, offered some advice to the young and upcoming artiste who is about to tread the same path.

Rytikal announced the bold and sudden decision to transform his image and brand in a recently aired interview on Winford Williams’ Onstage. During the interview, the man who now goes by Purytikal explained that the revamp would see him turning from the violent lyrics that he has been pumping in the dancehall to more positive tunes.

“The new moniker is a thing weh me develop due to the fact that Rytikal was known for ‘King inna War,’ ‘Cookie Jar’ some other songs weh more on a violent perspective,” he told Winford. “So fi the new year is Puryti, as in, you know the real word ‘Purity’ but in between that is me. So you know you’re gonna get a pure Rytikal, which means me ago incorporate positivity fully.”

On Friday, Agent Sasco reposted a clip from the interview with a few words of motivation for the new and improved Purytikal.

Where I'm From - Rytikal (Music Video)He captioned, “Salute to this young man for having the courage to choose another way to share his talent and express himself. Puryti please know you will be challenged and questioned and coerced into reneging on your decision. Yuh ago hear say, yuh did “badder” as Rytikal and you will wonder, how anyone could have an issue with positivity. Big up and all the best on your mission.”

Sasco’s message may have been coming from a personal place, as just days ago, the deejay found himself clapping back at a fan who said he had produced better music under the moniker ‘Assassin.’

“Personally think Assassin badder than Agent Sasco…the rebrand just wasn’t it for true Assassin fans…like myself,” the fan wrote.

Sasco, born Jeffery Campbell, took to Instagram to share a screenshot of the comment and explained, “Assassin to Agent Sasco was not merely ‘rebranding.’ It was a ‘Mental Revamp.’ I decided my work should reflect my values and beliefs. So if you expect me to produce material from a 19 yr old “Assassin” perspective…good luck with that.”

He added, “Oh btw… Don’t expect me to release songs promoting murder nor anything to further societal decay either.”

RYTIKAL - Lyrics, Playlists & Videos | ShazamSince his name change, the “Good Over Evil” deejay has been spreading peace and inspiration to the dancehall industry, a move he admitted he does not regret.

Last year, the deejay released the inspirational single “Caterpillars Can Fly,” a collaboration with his daughter, LC. And last month, the deejay collaborated with the Government of Jamaica to open a recording studio at Metcalfe Juvenile Centre to assist incarcerated youths in their rehabilitation.

Now, Purytikal is following suit with his own transformation. The deejay has pledged to birth a new persona on the dancehall scene, which many social media users and industry members anticipate. The “Chosen” singer, who was previously held on gun-related charges, is confident in his choice and has promised to do bigger and better things for the new year, 2022.

Source: Agent Sasco Salutes Rytikal For Changing Name To Purytikal – Urban Islandz

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