Reggae Star Tanya Stephens Opens Up About Being Raped & Abused – o-access  JAMAICAIn a recent Instagram post, Tanya Stephens posted a picture of the words, “Best way fi deal wid dat demon is fi ignore it. Oonu hot. That is the only problem”.

In the caption she gave a statement that labeled Minister Marion Hall a “demon”. She explained that when she first entered the music industry the “demon” was always complaining about Lady G. Lady G, who’s real name is Janice Fyffe, is a Jamaican Dancehall and reggae artiste. Tanya wrote that Lady G is known to be one of the sweetest persons in Dancehall, even nicer than herself.

Tanya Stephens Shares Her Story That A Prominent Dancehall Artist Sexually  Assaulted Her When She Was A Teen – Radio DubplateContinuing to refer to Marion Hall as a demon, Tanya stated that after Lady G, she was the next victim and then others. She reminded others that she had tried to warn them, but they refused to believe until they became the prey. She went on to say that it was great that everyone saw the “demon” for what it was and cast it out of their lives.

Tanya Stephens defends comments on Portia, calls out the media | Loop  JamaicaTanya encouraged everyone to keep doing what they do, while learning from the mistakes of the “demon”. Additionally, she told persons to refrain from calling its name and that Marion Hall needs to be convinced to see a psychotherapist.

“Ignore it and it WILL go away. I should know…I did,” read the last part of her caption.