Camille Lee & Beenie Man Living Their Best Life With A New Mercedes Benz And More

Camille Lee Says Beenie Man's Past "Toxic Relationships" Will Not Define  Theirs – DancehallMagCamille Lee and Beenie Man are living their best lives as the pair are seen enjoying Jamaica out and about, having just returned from the United Kingdom.

Videos online show the pair eating seafood and dancing, but it’s a video of Beenie Man trying out his new Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV that has fans talking.

Beenie Man can be seen smiling while sitting in the driver’s side of the car while Camille Lee, wearing a Dior mask, takes videos of Beenie Man and the car.

The video wasn’t shared with a caption, but that wasn’t needed as fans swarmed the comment section as some insinuated that Camille purchased the luxury car for the artist. “Camille buy Beenie Man Benz cho bloodcl**t nice bad,” one person commented under the video.

Beenie Man Confirms Relationship Cawka Lee's Ex-Wife Camille Lee - Urban  IslandzCamille, however, replied, “Your talking about beenie man you know he certainly don’t need me to buy him any car darling.” Another commenter asked – “who buy this vehicle the king no like fi give women money,” another person said. Others commented that the artist got his own money, cars, and house and didn’t need a woman to spoil him.

Meanwhile, it appears that their relationship is going strong as the pair have shared videos online showing them in love and happy together.

Under one video shared from her birthday, Lee announced that she is happy for her relationship with Beenie Man, which was attempted 20 years ago but did not work out.

Beenie Man, Camille Lee Go Official With PDA-Filled Moments On Instagram –  DancehallMag“May The Lord Increase Our Love For Each Other And Make It Overflow Attempted 20yrs ago now it’s our new beginning,” she said. The post also addressed rumors that she was still married to dancehall promoter Cawka Lee.

“Muting all negativities assumptions speculations hateful jealous envy emotions and focusing on growing our relationship for however long God has ordered it. Both being single for yrs there’s no animosities between us and my ex husband….And we will not allow any toxic involvement Moses had interfere with our future,” she said.

Meanwhile, other fans were not impressed by the relationship as some felt that Beenie Man was in it to benefit financially.

“I looked up to you I know u deserve happiness but this doesn’t feel rite I respect mr Lee the same way he’s a icon but this is just a slap in his face u see how fast beeni man takes down ur pictures of his page, I want to b happy for u but old long time 1050yrs old beeni man that been all over the place up to recently a text my friend asking her if she wanted a proper fix call him she turned him down my x man is a don me and him break up but certain things I sill will not do a ur life but I am disappointed!!”

Another agreed: “no lies detected here he’s in it for the wrong reasons, This is not their first time together, they had a little fling years ago 2000/2001, and it didn’t work out, plus Camile was still married to Kaka at that time , Benie was sleeping with Chizel at the same time, got her pregnant and refuse to help her, she had to take DNA just like D’Angel for him to pay up, fact is everyone in the music industry knows how selfish he is, he never supports any of his women financially, not one. So if Camile want to pay a high price to maintain a relationship, end of the day it is her life. I hate to say it but ‘IF’ the money runs out, he’s gone, or maybe all this is a set up and proof for marriage, for his status in the UK, I’m just saying. I hope all work out for her, as she seems to just want true love.”

Another said: “What I don’t like whenever he’s in the video with [Camille] he’s hiding his face or looking very uncomfortable. I don’t like it and if a did me I’d put him right in his place because a disrespectful thing him on, straight. Proud of her because she’s proud of you.”

Beenie Man has not shared any videos or photos of Lee on his socials, and the photo of Camille Lee posted for her birthday weeks ago has been taken down.

Source: Camille Lee Show Off Beenie Man New Mercedes-Benz And Lots Of PDA – Urban Islandz

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