Boom Boom Says There Is Proof That The Dancehall Entertainment Industry Is Being Neglected

Dancehall Selector Boom Boom Gifts $100k To Patrons – Radio DubplatePopular sound system selector and promoter Marlon “Boom Boom” Wizard says the entertainment industry is the only one that has been placed on the back burner by the Government. To him, the prolonged suspension is nonsensical, since Jamaicans have been gathering in other fashions.

“Dancehall a the first thing lock down and dancehall a the last thing weh ago open back. We just haffi do weh we haffi do and nuh have this pon we head,” Boom Boom told DancehallMag.  “The place nah go open back. Every month something come up. Yah go hear bout fourth wave and fifth wave. Mi see dem (the Government) mek preparations fi 5000 people watch match—the Reggae Boyz versus USA, mi see Carib (Palace Amusement) open, beach open, school open and entertainment still lock.”

Boom Boom’s frustration comes on the heels of a revelation by Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports, Olivia “Babsy” Grange this week that no Fireworks on The Waterfront will be held this year, nor will the entertainment sector see a reopening anytime soon.

Are summer songs cancelled this year? | BuzzThe sound system operator is the principal of popular party series Boom Sundays, Uptown Mondays, Boasy Tuesdays and Weddy Weddy Wednesday, all held in Kingston.

Since the onslaught of the virus, he has been forced to accept countless international bookings to earn an income. His latest tours, which saw him featured on scores of shows across the United Kingdom and the United States, were highly successful.

Boom Boom and Harry Hype 2 Pops Birthday 2017 by 2GranRadio | Mixcloud“It was 100 per cent better than before (the pandemic). Mi nuh know if a just true the pandemic start and people just miss the live shows and dem did just a see we pon the (Instagram) live. It was crazy. All the venues were sold out. Every single one. Dem did just a see me pon the live. It was crazy and all the venues were sold out,” Boom Boom added.

He further stated that some of his colleagues, who are not as fortunate to travel, have been feeling the squeeze the most. Boom Boom believes that the same coronavirus protocols can be applied to social gatherings to limit the spread.

Welcome to 'Dancehall Disney World' | The Voice Online“The same measures that they put in place fi 5000 people go watch match, dem can do the same fi we. More people deh Downtown a day time, than party. More people are at hotels partying with no social distance. You mean fi tell me seh dem cyaa put something in place fi 400 people go a party?”

At the same time, he’s encouraging other disc jockeys and promoters to remain optimistic.

“At the end of the day, a God and time. God nuh give a man more than weh him can bear.”

Source: Boom Boom Says Entertainment Industry In Jamaica Is Being Neglected – DancehallMag

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